Morpheus Network Has Raised Over $6 Million In Their On-going Pre-sale. Their ICO Dates Have Also Been Announced

When in April 2016, Dan Weinberger and Noam Eppel met to lay the framework for a full service, global and fully automated supply chain platform that would be powered by blockchain, they essentially gave life to Morpheus Network. What is Morpheus Network? Morpheus Network is the name given to a company which was designed after consultation with some of the world’s leading and largest banking, customs, and shipping firms to create a full service, global and fully automated supply chain platform that is centered on a cryptocurrency payment system which utilizes blockchain technology. Essentially, Morpheus Network seeks to solve problems inherent in the traditional scheme of the supply chain. These problems include high banking fees, terrible currency conversion rates, errors that occur in the documentation, loss of important documents in transit, slow speed of transactions and more extensive payroll which occurs when those at the helm of affairs in the supply chain are trying to ensure that the supply chain works rather effortlessly.

It solves this problem by implementing smart contracts which use blockchain technology and their own cryptocurrency, MORPH to ensure that the processes involved in supply chain are easier, convenient, faster, more transparent, devoid of errors and cause more profit to be made.

Some Important Pointers About Morpheus Network.

Morpheus Network is a part of the Blockchain Transport Alliance – members include FedEX, UPS, SAP, Penske, JD Logistics, Salesforce, Convoy, etc. BiTA is a consortium of the foremost leaders in the freight industry forging a path towards industry standards in blockchain use. Their goal is to bring together leading companies in the freight technology industries that have a vested interest in the development of blockchain technology.
The platform integrates with SWIFT for international payments, connecting us to over 1600 banks and financial institutions in 200 countries worldwide!

The user rating system gives prospective Morpheus.Network customers assurance that they are dealing with reputable and experienced business partners.

The project carries an experienced team – one Co-Founder has 15+ years in the global trade, the other has 15+ years in software development and information security. Our team has proficiency in importing and exporting, web and blockchain security, banking platforms, payments, tax accounting and Smart Contract law and experience working with companies including IBM, Deloitte, MIT, National Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Bank of Montreal, Wilson International, American Express, and more!

The advisors include the former CEO of DHL Roger Crook (one of the largest international shipping companies), Jonathan Bootle, inventor of groundbreaking “Bulletproof” Blockchain privacy technique, Daniel Eidan, Blockchain Solutions Architect at R3 and more

MORPH Tokens

Like earlier mentioned, these are going to be the acceptable mode of transactions when using the smart contracts that obtain in these supply chain dealings. To make this available for purchase, Morpheus Network started a presale on March 2, 2018. This presale is slated to end on March 17, 2018, following a 5-days extension that occurred due to fall in the price of Ethereum coins, the alternative mode of exchange for MORPH tokens aside from money. This fall in price was a source of concern to people who wanted to partake in the presale but were not keen on the price change. The minimum amount of Ethereum coins ETH, an interested party could give was set at 0.1 ETH and in the case of conventional cash, the rate of exchange was set at USD 0.5 in exchange for 1.12 MORPH tokens- this 1.12 is inclusive of the 12% bonus that is being given during this pre-sale period. What these mean in essence is that interested parties would get 1700 morph tokens in exchange for 1 ETH and would pay USD 0.5 in exchange for 1.12 MORPH. It is worthy of note that ever since this presale started, Morpheus Network has been able to raise close to USD 6 million.

Following this presale will be the International Coin Offering, ICO event in which more people are expected to partake in. The event has been slated to occur for 30 days between March 22 and April 22, 2018. The soft cap for the token sale has been put at 21.95 million MORPH tokens which translate to USD 1,800,000 while the hard cap has been set at 100 million MORPH tokens which translate to USD 36,000,000.


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