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Moris Goldstein was Destined for Social Media Success

Social Media Success

In today’s society, if you were to conduct a survey between teens and young adults about their dream job would be, the majority of them will undoubtedly say something along the lines of being an influencer across social media platforms. As social media has grown in popularity around the world, we’ve seen a shift in kids’ preferences for online media. Social media is a unique way to communicate with people that have common interests, and it can all be achieved at the touch of a button, making it abundantly available across the globe. Seeming unfathomable at times, but many people around the world, including influencer Moris Goldstein, make a living off of social media and the numbers are only going to increase from here.

Moris Goldstein is a social media influencer from Roslyn Heights, New York who has been hard at work in the social media department and is now looking to advance his career. Goldstein has grown his Tik Tok account to nearly one million followers in less than a year by making relatable and entertaining material that many people enjoy consuming. “Being able to connect with my fans and get input has helped me to create targeted videos for them, and it brings me closer to them on a personal level,” Goldstein says. Moris plans to continue putting out content that his fans have come to love and hopes to build a larger community in the process.

After creating a social media profile and identifying a market to target, the possibilities are endless. Moris Goldstein describes how, now that he has developed his own brand, and is able to market another company’s product that is relevant to his target demographic and is  actually able to make money off it. This is something that everybody wishes they could do. Moris understands how fortunate he is and cannot thank his supporters enough for their help on his ride so far.

Moris Goldstein’s career is just getting started. He sees himself in the social media realm for the next five years, but with a different target in mind. He plans to launch his own company and use his social media profile to expand upon it. Moris Goldstein will undoubtedly continue to be influential on social media as a result of his hard work and persistence. Stay on the look-out for Moris Goldstein’s name to pop up on your feed a lot more. He has potential to scale and become one of the biggest influencers in the game.

Follow Moris Goldstein on Instagram here and on Tik Tok here.

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