More Than Mining: Meet the Holistic Crypto Ecosystem by

More Than Mining: Meet the Holistic Crypto Ecosystem by

Empowering miners and crypto enthusiasts worldwide with a one-stop-shop crypto platform.

Embracing innovation, emerges as a leading mining pool, evolving into a holistic, user-friendly ecosystem for miners and cryptocurrency users.

The company already showed its expertise on the market: in 6 years, emcd. made the journey from a small startup to a major pool that made it to the top-7 BTC mining pools in the world, with more than 200,000 miners from 120 countries already using the platform.

More opportunities with

The platform offers a full package of key mining and efficient asset management services in a single app. The clean-cut friendly interface will appeal even to users who are just entering the crypto field, and the site and app features will satisfy any sophisticated investors.

A mining pool with lower fees for higher profits

Maximizing profit with competitive fee structures

One of the biggest reasons more than 200k miners choose is the almost unprecedented low fee — just 1.5%. The platform offers a range of services for miners to manage and maximize their earnings without taking a huge cut from each user.

Secure Wallet for Seamless Transactions

Ensuring safety and convenience in digital transactions provides users with a built-in secure wallet with currency conversion and fiat withdrawal features, including options to store, convert and exchange assets via P2P. No need to exit the platform for any operations and waste money on unnecessary transaction fees.

Unlocking Passive Income with Cryptocurrency Staking

Earn up to 12% annual returns with’s earn solution — Coinhold 

Money needs to be put to work, and knows that. The platform doesn’t just provide opportunities to earn crypto assets, it offers an in-house tool with per annum returns higher than in any conventional bank. Miners and investors alike can just sit back and watch their accounts grow.

Cloud Mining Made Easy with Shared Mining

Revolutionizing mining accessibility for every enthusiast

Mining is no longer an exclusive field, available only to those willing to invest into delicate and pricy equipment, as well as storage and huge operational fees. provides an opportunity to share the load of these heavy operational costs with fellow miners, turning mining into an accessible income source for users of all investment capabilities.

Empowering Users through Education: Academy

A visionary roadmap for continuous innovation and growth

One of the keys to unlocking the full potential of crypto and all the tools listed above is educating new users, and understands that. That’s why the platform is launching the Academy program, where beginners will learn how to earn and invest crypto assets for maximum profit.

Plans & Future Developments

Strategic Roadmap: Charting the Future of

Innovative initiatives, collaborations, and upcoming features

Just like any successful crypto investor, stays ahead of the curb. The platform continuously expands the range of currencies and markets it covers, as well as introducing new tools for the best user experience.

Discover the exciting future of as we outline the strategic plans and upcoming initiatives to further revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape.

Join on the Journey to Maximizing Your Profits

Empowering every individual in the world of cryptocurrency

The holistic emcd. approach is a sustainable solution for all crypto enthusiasts in the long run — regardless of what happens on the market, users will still enjoy having investment options, exchange tools, and other perks right where they mine. 

As continues to break new ground, we invite you to become part of our journey towards a decentralized and empowered future in the realm of cryptocurrencies. 

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