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More Than Just a Q&A Platform: Answerly’s Path Toward Success

Answerly is a Q&A platform founded by Raza Rizvi, Zain Haider, and Usama Akhtar. Many people in the crypto community had expressed their doubts about the project when it was first announced in 2019. But after thousands of hours of hard work, CEO Raza Rizvi finally has something to show for his team’s efforts.

In August, Answerly reached 15,000 active users. This number still pales in comparison to Quora, the largest Q&A website at the moment. However, it’s an achievement worth celebrating, especially considering that most of these users were avid fans of similar platforms in the past. The fact that they’ve made the switch proves that Answerly is headed in the right direction.

Is Answerly the next Quora?

This is the question that Raza Rizvi finds himself answering most of the time. People just can’t help but compare Answerly with Quora, and Raza doesn’t blame them. After all, the two platforms essentially work on the same principle: to connect people who need the information to those who have it.

What differentiates Answerly from Quora is that it rewards users with ANSR tokens for providing the most interesting, relevant, and accurate information. Built on the Stellar blockchain, Answerly aims to incentivize the Q&A process. This is founded on the belief that users will be more eager to share their knowledge and offer genuine help to the people asking questions when they know there’s a potential reward waiting for them.

In addition, Answerly is packed with features that truly make it feel like more than just a Q&A website. For example, users can send messages to each other, and the multimedia-rich text box makes it easy to create visually engaging posts.

For all these reasons and more, Raza says that Answerly isn’t the next Quora. Instead, it’s something that will create a name for itself by revolutionizing Q&A as we know it.

How are users rewarded?

Answerly has a proprietary algorithm that evaluates the quality of every answer. The factors used include uniqueness, length, upvotes, grammar, and keywords. Raza notes that the algorithm continues to be improved using machine learning and AI. This is essential to ensure that the users with the best answers are rewarded.

As mentioned earlier, Raza operates on the Stellar blockchain, which works a bit differently than other cryptocurrencies. Stellar serves as a payment gateway, best known for its fast processing times. Since Stellar doesn’t rely on the entire miner network, it can approve and validate transactions much more quickly than other decentralized payment technologies.

For end-users, this means quickly withdrawing their earnings to their Stellar wallet and converting it into fiat if they choose to. Currently, the minimum threshold to withdraw earnings is 10 ANSR tokens. These tokens can also be used to upgrade to Answerly Pro, which comes with additional features such as analytics and access to the built-in P2P exchange.

Raza and his team continue to work hard to improve the user experience. As a result, Answerly is currently seeing significant organic growth, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise when it starts showing up more and more whenever you search for question-based keywords.

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