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Monsta Infinite Brings New Era of Digital Gaming With Crypto Integration

Monsta Infinite Brings New Era of Digital Gaming With Crypto Integration

Through crypto integration Monsta Infinite brings a new era of digital gaming. The platform is an MMORPG based card game concept. Moreover, the project implements the P2E concept through introducing $MONI, the governance token which will list on many platforms.

The project is inspired by Axie and promised to offer gaming experience which has been programmed to extinguish the issues gamers face with conventional games. Few key features are security, anti-bot gameplays, and many more. 

In addition, the gamers will not receive the exact similar story mode in PVE every time. This is because the game provides a new turn for each step taken by gamers. Therefore, the project makes it intriguing and unpredictable all the time. 

Presently with augmentation and limited cloning count per Monsta features, it gives the game an edge not only allowing players to constantly upgrade but also naturally balance the Monsta numbers which are in circulation. This promotes long-term self-sustaining growth for the game. 

In fact, Monsta Infinite focuses on becoming the next big trend which is still in the stage of development. However, despite being relatively new to the market, the platform has established its own fan base of large communities all over the world waiting to grab the next crypto craze. 

Monsta Infinite Economy Pushes the Frontier

Monsta Infinite will make constant use of both the governance token and the in-game token. Thereby making sure that the MONI token is not used in any of the in-game transactions. Rather, the platform will be utilized for a MONI to STT, a one way transfer. 

As the value of MONI changes constantly due to the supply and demand of the market like other crypto. Therefore, this offers a chance to adjust the MONI to STT’s exchange rate. Added to this, MONI token can also utilize for staking which ensures MONI users in return. 

On other hand STT will have many uses in the game. Notably, gamers will need MONI to buy STT in the selling of Monsta in the marketplace.  Moreover, the project will also have the chance to mint STT continuously as per the supply and demand of STT in the marketplace. 

Features of Monsta Infinite

The selling points of the Monsta Infinite starts with its gameplay where it removes many flaws present with the traditional gameplay. Moreover, Monsta Infinite is not an ordinary card game. Notably, the Monsta Infinite takes the battle approach of 2 prong which combines a turn-related card system with a match-three puzzle system. All-in-all, the Monsta’s gameplay is developed with the aim to develop a really great battle experience which is challenging. 

Monsta Infinite focuses on:

  • Make blockchain gaming fun and inspiring reality
  • Enhance the technology of blockchain and gaming
  • Create a virtual world filled with vibrant community and art
  • Accelerate the realization of Universal Basic Income

Furthermore, in order for gamers to express themselves in the virtual world the Monsta Infinite developers expect more freedom. Moreover, this project will utilize the ERC1155 Multi Token Standard to make it available to store a huge array of multi-asset NFT items utilizing the smart contract. 

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