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Moneynetint, electronic money transfer services, launches a new service through DM Communications led by David Malits

Moneynetint, one of the most experienced companies in the field of online payment transfer, announces the expansion of services to private customers and launches the Ecomflow service. The new service will be accompanied by a digital campaign by DM Communications led by David Malits.

Since the establishment of Moneynetint in 2004, the company has established itself as one of the largest private payment companies. Its platform enables the transfer of secure online payments through credit cards, debit cards, electronic wallets and bank transfers.

Moneynetint is a company registered in the UK, active in 200 countries and allows trading and transfers in 36 currencies. The company has 60 employees and holds offices in England, India, Lithuania, Hong Kong and Israel. Moneynetint leads a business strategy that allows small and medium-sized businesses worldwide to reduce barriers to online payments and transfers.

These days Moneynetint launches a new service Ecomflow:

CEO of Moneynetint, Yishay Trif: “Moneynetint is an international company that enables extensive transfer of payments from 2004 to business customers through a wide range of tools. We chose DM Communications, led by David Malits, for the campaign’s management and PR due to his expertise in international finance and regulation.

The service is suitable for e-commerce traders that sell goods and operates in more than one country and more than one currency. The system makes it possible to manage the entire procedure of money transfers in an easy, inexpensive way that is organized in one place.

The new service offers a solution for e-commerce traders to do all their actions -Transfer of payments, exchange of currency exchange rates, receipt of funds in one place.

The opening of the services to individual customers enables the receipt of a European bank account and is especially attractive to all holders of rental properties in countries around the world.

According to Moneynetint the platform it developed offers the widest solution available in the market for e-commerce in particular due to the ability to offer a multi-currency account.

Yishay Trif, CEO Moneynetint: “We continuously learn the difficulties that the merchants face and find solutions for them. The system removes bureaucratic barriers, reduces bank fees, and allows rapid receipt and transfer of payments, whether by Chinese manufacturers, Indians or Russian programmers seeking payment for the goods and services they provide. We also know how to provide the other party in the transaction, whether it is eBay or Amazon, the option to pay in the currency requested by the service provider while reducing the time and increases involved in carrying out similar operations in a regular bank”.

Trif, adds: “Moneynetint aims to be active in developing countries that are characterized as service providers, among others India, China and the Philippines. We allow them to get money from foreign companies instead of taking their talent and making relocation to a Western country. There is an angle of empowerment in developing countries, and we are very proud of it.

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