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Money transfers to send: what you need to know

When making money transfers abroad, you can lose money and time if you choose an unreliable service. Therefore, we recommend choosing VELURE. It is a reliable service having thousands of customers all over the world.

What is VELUR?

By opening a multi-currency account quickly and without paperwork, you can send a foreign currency transfer abroad in a matter of minutes. At the same time, you can choose the currency in which you do business. After all, more than 40 different currencies are available. And the transfer of funds abroad can be carried out in more than 120 countries.

Most of us, at one time or another, will want or even urgently need, to send money to another country, be it to friends or family, to a charity or even to make a purchase.

There are a number of ways to do this but whatever you do, don’t try sending cash through the post, there’s a distinct possibility it may not arrive. Many people use international money transfers for convenience and security.

Read on to find out how it works.

With your own account, you can easily send a money transfer abroad, as well as receive payment from a partner or client. Even the function of paying taxes or goods from suppliers who work abroad is available.

You can make money transfers abroad without extra commissions and overpayments. After all, there are no hidden fees. And all information about the commission charged is available to each client. You can access this information directly on the online portal.

Why do customers choose VELURE?

The service has many customers around the world, because it offers the cheapest money transfers abroad and many other advantages. Therefore, the services are used by both individuals and companies.

An important advantage is the excellent exchange rates that allow you to save money and manage your personal or company budget rationally.

Clients receive a full range of services. Including 24/7 support. Therefore, you can transfer money abroad without any problems. If necessary, you can always seek help from specialists who will answer all your questions and help with the completion of a financial transaction. Therefore, all customers can make fast money transfers abroad without risks and problems. When you send £100 in international money transfers, the person getting that money doesn’t receive it in pounds sterling. Instead, that money needs to be converted into a different currency using an exchange rate offered by the money transfer company. This foreign exchange rate determines how much the account you’re sending money gets.

There are various ways to send money abroad, so that each client chooses the best option for himself. If you’re looking to send money to most countries in Africa or Asia, or certain other less common money transfer destinations, World Remit has you covered.

VELURE is a licensed company that operates successfully in the United Kingdom. All work is supervised by the Financial Supervision Authority. Therefore, you can be sure of the legality and 100% transparency of all financial transactions.

Today it is really the easiest way to send and receive payments, without limiting yourself to one country or one currency.

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