Money Certified: how uses blockchain for news certification uses blockchain for news certification decide to take a n innovative step forward in the fight against misinformation and spreading of fake news. The publication launched “Money Certified”, a system that exploits blockchain technology to certify new stories.

For a new Digital Journalism

Money, it aims to raise the standards of authenticity and reliability in the field of financial journalism by introducing Money Certified. This innovation also opens new opportunities in the scenario of digital journalism and online platforms, especially in a context where readers unfortunately can no longer trust the news they read because of spreading misinformation. 

Money Certified: a deeper look 

Money Certified is a brand-new service provided by the Italian publication The new service adopts blockchain technology to certify the legitimacy and reliability of the pieces published on the website. This way the origin and the content of every article, report or financial analysis on the platform can be verifiable, allowing the audience to easily identify a transparent source of information.

A selection of news has been already subjected to certification since summer 20223, the first step against fake news. Every certified piece includes the sources utilised to write it. This assures its background and persistence, because the certification be withdrawn in real time if any modifications were to occur.

Blockchain at the service of news

The blockchain technology, mostly famous for its application to cryptocurrencies, is prefect for certifying news because it not centralized and because it cannot change. This is why it has been chosen for Money Certified. 

In particular, the technology attaches a unique “digital fingerprint” (the hash of the content) whenever a new piece is published on This hash is then recorded on the blockchain, as a warrant against retroactive modification, therefore guaranteeing the integrity of the article. 

The certification system covers over half of the content published daily by

A tool against misinformation 

Money Certified emerges as an indispensable weapon in the battle against misinformation. In a landscape where facts are easily distorted, this service empowers readers with the assurance that the content they consume is both accurate and unaltered.

In a world where truth often seems elusive and perspectives evolve with new revelations, it is imperative for information providers, particularly in the fast-paced realm of the internet, to uphold integrity and transparency throughout the selection, editing, and publishing processes.

With Money Certified readers have the autonomy to verify the authenticity of every news piece, promoting a culture of information rooted in trust and openness.

Details on the Certification process

Upon publication on, each article undergoes automatic registration on the blockchain, generating a unique hash that serves as irrefutable evidence of its originality. This hash, accompanied by a timestamp indicating the precise moment of certification, is openly accessible for verification by anyone, solidifying the authenticity of the content beyond doubt.

In an era increasingly dominated by digital platforms, initiatives like Money Certified play a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality and dependable information to the public, while opening new ways to digital journalism.

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