Blockchain : A Blockchain Based Digital Economy for Moms

Mothers are the greatest achievement of nature. The ability to give life is one unique aspect of females that have been revered in all times, sometimes being equated as deities. In modern times, the romanticizing of a mother’s role has been played down, but with technology and better communications, it has allowed females to develop their own bonding.


Momlife is a platform that connects mothers from all over the world to each other. A mobile messenger and a worldwide social network for mothers, it helps mothers deal with baby issues, from pregnancy at all stages to after birth and toddler stage. Mothers are a unique demography. With distinct requirements that change as the child grows and specialized products, Momlife connects not only mothers but allows firms that specialize in mother and baby products to interact with the females.

Founded in 2014 and now with a user base of over 1.1 million, Momlife generates a substantial revenue. Most of the women on the platform are pregnant, but since they develop a bond with other mothers, they still continue to use the platform and interact.

Taking Moms In To The Blockchain Era

The team behind Momlife realized that most of the moms were interacting beyond the simple tips and hints from other mothers. They had developed a whole micro-economy. Moms were selling home-based products or other items they no longer required. Slowly, this market developed beyond mother and baby products. Females banked upon their strong sisterhood bond and were connecting with each other on a global scale.

Momlife then worked on plans to integrate this marketplace into its system. A platform designed to help mothers with a minimum of troubles, it turned towards a technology that is cheaper, secure and allows instant monetization. Blockchain was the answer.

Momlife, through the decentralized Blockchain system, will help mothers to earn income. Blockchain ensures that the money earned is transferred immediately. No banking channels are used and the money will be liquid able on major crypto exchanges. Firms running adverts on the platform will have the option of selling products directly through the Momlife system, offering discounts over regular sales. The tokens used for trade are the Blooms (BLM). These tokens are ERC20 standard, meaning the platform relies on the Ethereum main chain. Eventually, Momlife aims for the tokens to be more than just utility ones and be one the major cryptocurrencies in the world.

The platform intends to hold its first ICO in the second quarter of this year, so keep an eye on their website.

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