Molekule Review: Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality 

Stale food, dirty laundry, and dander are just a few common culprits behind poor air quality in homes. Fortunately, you can transform the air in your home without a lot of fuss. We’ll look at how you can improve your home’s air quality with some simple upgrades.

Charcoal Bamboo Bags

Known for removing toxins, charcoal bamboo is designed to cleanse the air of anything offensive. From diapers to feet, plenty of people will stick this in the worst rooms of the house. Reviewers are particularly amazed by how it can tackle stubborn (and strong) food smells.


Admittedly, there’s some debate over just how much a plant can do for air quality, but it’s worth remembering that some are more effective than others:

  • Air plants: Air plants both conserve water and convert carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen every night. You can expect them to last for anywhere from a season to a full year after buying.
  • Snake plants: Very low maintenance and beloved for its ability to remove harmful chemicals from the air, snake plants are both beautiful and practical. It can even survive with very little sunlight, so it’s ideal for most rooms in your house.
  • Aloe: This healing plant also smells and looks great. All you have to do is remember to water it occasionally and make sure it has bright light if kept indoors.
  • Bamboo palm: The oxygen from this plant is a side benefit to its toxin-removal abilities.

Moisture Absorbers

Moisture in the air is the beginning of must, mildew, and mold. Unfortunately, you can’t keep it out of the air all the time. From rain to showers, ridding your home of tiny water droplets can be a constant battle. Moisture absorbers are something of a substitute for dehumidifiers. All you have to do is put them in the worst areas and then let them go to work. People swear by their ability to make the air far more pleasant to breathe.

Air quality issues can lead to increased allergies, such as excessive dust and dust mites, and even new allergies or worsening allergic conditions, such as with mold.  Cleaning regularly and doing a basic inspection of home areas during the scrubbing process can help identify problem areas and keep up with otherwise worsening conditions. While regular maintenance may not be something you wish to do, you could always hire a house cleaning company to handle it for you.  In the case of mold exposure, it would be best to contact a remediation service that specializes in that condition.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Diffusers take all the wonderful scents from your essential oils (lavender, orange, etc.) and allow them to permeate the air for several hours. Many diffusers also light up with different colors, which can make them a fun decorating choice. Since they’re easy to both fill and drain, homeowners love to adjust the settings and experiment with different kinds of mist. Filling the air with scent molecules is delightful for some, but ventilate the room before entertaining any guests with possible allergies or asthma.

Molekule Air Purifier

If you read a Molekule review, the relief from the owner is usually palpable. From burned food to viruses and bacteria, Molekule air purifiers are designed to destroy pollutants, with different models available for spaces of various sizes. People are amazed at just how simple it is to turn on and use the purifiers. As an added bonus, these machines are sleek and stylish, so they can blend in with any decor.

New Filters

Your HVAC filters have a lot to do with just how many allergens wind up in your home. Particularly in areas that are prone to smoke, smog, and pet hair, you might need to change your air filters far more than you realize. Those who are unfailingly consistent with cleaning can get away with going six months between changes, but not all of us will be so lucky.

Tower Fans

Sometimes, a house just needs the right ventilation and circulation. Oscillating fans allow you to control the speed and keep the air moving all day long. This is a particularly effective option for small rooms without windows.

If you’re looking for ways to purify the air, you should really start with the right air purifier. A Molekule review can tell you more about just how effective the purifiers are in different kinds of rooms, even under some pretty dramatic circumstances. Whether you’re cooking with all kinds of pungent spices or looking to remove allergens, this is a product that can handle it all. Plus, it can destroy some harmful viruses and bacteria.

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