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Mohd Zaki : Digital Marketing Expert Growing His Ventures Across The Globe

Mohd Zaki who is a digital marketing master was brought into the world on 7 November 2002, in Ghaziabad. The youthful business visionary is before long going to be 19. Despite the fact that he has as of now accomplished such a great amount as per his age. He is maintaining different organizations just as he additionally settled an NGO for children.

About his ventures

Right now, Zaki is running various computerized advertising organizations like Firenetinfotech and some more. He likewise runs the AsianTimesNow, TheGhaziabadTimes, News8India and a lot more as well. The locales are in every case full and streaming with the most recent news identified with what’s happening on the planet universally, broadly even in the fields of workmanship, style, photography and some more.

 Zaki is a persevering individual and he won’t stop at any point in the near future. He has high dreams to take his organizations to levels that his work can be perceived all through the world. Even now he is dealing with a number of customers inside. Furthermore, he is lauded for his work in India just as Internationally.

It was expected two or three years back from the pandemic that digital marketing will be the “accompanying immense thing”. Also, what’s said happened. Incalculable people are offering their hands a chance in the field. 

The hour of the pandemic was when advanced promotion went through an entire upheaval. This was the time Zaki tried sincerely and acquired the consideration of the most extreme number of customers. At this moment Zaki’s organization is managing 100+ worldwide customers just as n-number of Indian customers.

Setting out Open entryways. 

Zaki not simply showed up at one more level to accomplish his dreams and attracted a phase closer to them, yet likewise, he set out open entryways for others too by giving them occupations in his association. The gathering attempted earnestly even in the long periods of pandemic staying aware of appreciation and correspondence between themselves. 

Zaki once referred to,” it isn’t my steady exertion alone anyway, similarly as of the gathering who worked with me continually”.


Other than these ventures that give Zaki a good amount of fortune, he also established an NGO to help others also. He gives all his heart to this selfless deed. The name of the NGO is ZANAMFOUNDATION

ZANAMFOUNDATION is a non-productive, non-administrative association (NGO) that helps kids living in shelters and ghetto regions. The establishment of ZANAMFOUNDATION is driven by Zaki himself. 

ZANAMFOUNDATION was set up sometime before the world was struck by COVID-19. The enthusiasm of aiding kids is so solid in individuals working for the NGO that even the infection couldn’t keep them down.

Their sole intention is to furnish poor children with every one of the essential things that they need to develop and fundamental cleanliness offices so they don’t need to experience the ill effects of illnesses. Legitimate consideration of their eating routine is taken; they are given natural products, juices and what not to keep a reasonable eating regimen. 

Youths are the eventual fate of our country. How their life is moulded will bring about how they will shape the eventual fate of our country. The NGO is attempting to give the chance that everybody merits”, says Mohd Zaki.

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