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Mohammed Shaheen – Portraying the Importance of Financial Literacy and Investment for Common People

Mohammed Shaheen

For many of us, at the precipice between sheltered adolescence and mortifying adulthood, the mere thought of managing our own finances induces panic-stricken thoughts. However, money can be that terrifying—even if it shouldn’t be because there is a true epidemic of missing financial knowledge in our society that deserves serious attention. 

Financial products and services have become more widely available in society in recent decades. Whereas previous generations may have purchased goods primarily in cash, which is now switched by credit and debit cards, as well as electronic transfers. Given the importance of finance in modern society, a lack of financial literacy can be extremely detrimental to a person’s long-term financial success. 

Being financially illiterate can lead to a variety of pitfalls, including a greater likelihood of accumulating unsustainable debt burdens as a result of poor spending decisions or a lack of long-term planning. This can result in poor credit, bankruptcy, home foreclosure, and other negative consequences. Fortunately, some new resources have been set for those who want to learn more about the world of finance. One such example is Seven Capitals, a global brokerage firm founded by the world’s youngest financial broker, Mohammed Shaheen. 

Mohammed Shaheen is the Managing Director and CEO of Seven Capitals, a leading financial brokerage firm, as well as The Index Today, a financial news portal that provides real-time financial market coverage. With a degree in Finance from India, he moved to Dubai in 2008 with the goal of establishing his trading company as the best in the financial market. Seven Capitals was founded in 2011 and was globally recognized in 2012, with locations in the United Kingdom, Mauritius, and Bangkok. He recently led the company’s diversification into a new portal that covers all major marketing events and financial news.

Shaheen intends to make trading more accessible and understandable to the general public, thereby creating opportunities for financial freedom. At Seven Capitals, he takes immense pride in providing an unrivaled trading platform and services that support its vision of making financial freedom accessible to all. By incorporating the principles of client-focused philosophy geared toward achieving customer satisfaction and the resulting commercial growth, he has become the preeminent market leader and gained an outstanding clientele.

Under Shaheen’s supervision, Seven Capitals has become capable enough to grow over time and this is largely due to its commitment to consistently improving trading conditions. Since the company is customer-focused, raising the caliber of its services has become its top priority. Seven Capitals offer clients help in 7 languages, as well as 24/7 service in English and Arabic, on their official website, which has been localized into two languages. Shaheen provides traders with all they need, including continuous development, fresh possibilities to learn about the financial markets, and the chance to collaborate with a reputable financial industry leader.

Recognizing the need for financial literacy, the Institute of Financial Market Studies will soon open its doors to students in Kochi, India. Seven Capitals aims to focus on the technical and fundamental aspects of trading by offering both long-term and short-term skill development courses in commodities, forex, and indices. The institute will thoroughly prepare students for a career as financial analysts and financial entrepreneurs by providing them with in-depth knowledge and a practical approach. Through the tiring efforts of Shaheen, the company, on Friday, February 11, unveiled the logo for India’s first and only institute for Financial Market Studies at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

In addition, Shaheen has not only expanded his business in the financial powerhouse country of Dubai but he has also been offered a long-term visa, the Golden Visa, by the Government of Dubai. He firmly believes that raising awareness through education is the best way to bring financial literacy to a more accessible level. In order to achieve his ultimate goal, Shaheen has backed Seven Capitals with innovative ideas and made it the brand’s mission to improve the ways of investing in financial markets. Seven Capitals’ Institute of Financial Market Studies, a trusted and ethical trading partner, plans to map several other cities in the South Indian state of Kerela in the near future.

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