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Mohammed Ali Rashid Is Among The Top 100 Asian Leaders In America

Over the last few decades, Asian Americans have been gaining political power in the country. Some of the most influential political figures in the country today have Asian heritage. A large fraction of the population in America comprises Asians who were either born in the country or recently immigrated. Many of them are citizens. India, Pakistan and China have a population equivalent to two thirds of the global population. Since the United States is the top destination for immigrants, the country has attracted a large population from these three Asian countries. Some of the Asians came before the first world war, but the vast majority immigrated to the country after the second world war. Over the last two or three decades, most Asians have immigrated to the United States to study and work, many of them earning their American citizenship after meeting the strict immigration requirements. Some of these Asians have now been elected to congress and hold huge sway in politics.

Many Asian Americans have excelled in different fields from Academia, to sports and politics. One such figure is Mohammed Ali Rashid who has just been named among the top 100 Asian leaders in America. Born in Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Rashid is the president of the American Pakistani Advocacy Group. The human rights group was feted for donating and delivering 10,000 grocery packages during the COVID-19 pandemic. The advocacy group also amplified the resources available to Pakistanis living in New York and is expanding to Miami, Florida as well.

In addition to its humanitarian efforts, the American Pakistanis Advocacy Group has also been involved in politics. For instance, the company has been involved in endorsing and canvassing for political candidates in New York’s mayoral and Manhattan’s district attorney seats. In the year 2021, the advocacy group joined the YAMA Action and Emgage NY to create the Muslim Agenda 2021 coalition, which championed for the rights of Muslims during the 2021 elections in the city of New York.

Mohammed Ali Rashid

Mohammed Ali Rashid is also the president of Kingsland Properties, a real estate brokerage company. The company has helped hundreds of clients buy or sell properties. The company stands out from the crowd as it is a full-service real estate company. Kingsland Properties has a vast network of related professionals, including real estate attorneys, tax consultants, mortgage brokers and contractors among other professionals. The company normally issues weekly newsletters to all their clients to keep them updated.

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The Kingsland Properties Success Story

Over the years, Kingsland Properties has managed to sell over 200 properties with a total transaction value of $86.3 million. The company spends an average of 31 days to market and sell properties. Aside from social justice measures and comments from Mohammed Ali Rashid, other important team members at Kingsland Properties are; Danya Rashid – the Operations Director, Mursheda Uddin – Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Sultan Rashid – the Development Associate.

While Kingsland Properties mainly focuses on the New York real estate market, the company is spreading its wings across the country, starting with nearby cities. The company lists and markets real estate properties for sale. They also help with negotiations, inspections and financing. As a one-stop-shop, full-service real estate company, the team at Kingsman Properties takes pride in its ability to meet client needs and expectations time and again. A visit to the Kingsland Properties website reveals many reviews and testimonials from happy clients. The website also has local real estate listings.

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