Mohamed Soliman Provides a League of Legends Build Guide

To outplay your opponents in League of Legends, you require a lot of strategic thinking and skill. Mohamed Soliman, a seasoned pro league of legends player, gives you a guide on becoming a better player and gaining Elo quickly.

Always Start boots and 3hp pots

Mohamed Soliman says that with every role in the game, hp pots help you stay in lane longer, and starting boots enable you to engage or retreat quickly with the movement speed you have.

Know all the Champions in the game

Getting to know all the champions in the game will help you understand when to play aggressively and take caution.

At all times, pay attention to all of the Lanes

When playing as a Jungler and you see a lane overextend, which means they have pushed past the midway point towards your tower, Mohamed Soliman advises that you should take that lane as soon as possible.

How to do summoner spells

AD carry gets flash and heals. To get Flash/ghost and ignite. Jungler gets smite and flashes/exhaust. Midgets flash and ignite. Support gets Flash and exhaust.

Buy Blades when you have enough gold.

Buying a couple of Doran blades when playing AD Carry not only gives you a lot of life steal and damage but also makes you Tankier. Mohamed Soliman further suggests that if you have a great start and get enough gold, you should go for the BF Sword instead of the Doran blade4s.

Runes and Masteries

When it comes to winning your lane, mastery builds are extremely crucial. Some of the common mastery builds are; 0/21/9 build for tanks and 21/0/9 for an AD carry or AP. However, you will discover that Runes are very champ-specific, and therefore these builds don’t apply to everyone. The full League of Legends build guide contains more information on this.

Additional tips

1) Mohamed Soliman says that you should try to get an award as early as possible when playing top lane. When playing on the top purple side, place the ward in the river near the exit from their blue buff. Alternatively, you can place the ward in the tri bush near their jungle exit when playing on the bottom blue side.

2) When playing support, you will need toward the enemy’s bottom bush in the bottom lane and the river near you, and therefore you need to ensure first to get wards instead of boots.

3) Finally, Mohamed Soliman recommends that you go for a number of Doran Rings and some wards when playing AP mid lane. This will help you ward the bushes on both sides to prevent them from getting taken.

There is a lot more information on becoming a better player in the League of Legends that you can access online. Subsequently, regardless of all the reading you do, Mohamed Soliman says that consistent practice is the true test of whether you are growing as a League of Legends player.

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