Mogul Productions Global NFT Marketplace Comes With Multiple Opportunities to Grow

Mogul Productions Global NFT Marketplace

Mogul Productions, a global NFT marketplace and DeFi platform, readily stands out from its peers for the service it provides and the market it caters to.  Mogul serves the film and entertainment industry. The NFTs developed on Mogul, help movie fans engage with filmmakers and their favorite projects in meaningful ways, including purchasing artwork, footage and  special experiences.  Mogul collaborates with some of the most talked-about players in the DeFi space, such as Chainlink, Polygon, and more. 

Apart from its crypto-industry collaborators, Mogul works with movies and entertainment professionals to create these NFTs. The native STARS token on the platform helps create engagement with Hollywood in an entirely unique way. They allow creators access to collaboration opportunities and even get their film funded by the platform’s crypto community. Mogul also specializes in bespoke, 1:1 NFT collections and drops with top talents in the entertainment industry. As a steadily evolving platform, here we look at Mogul’s recent announcements. 

In a First-Ever, Mogul to Auction Producer Credit NFTs

Mogul community members can now join the band of producers for the upcoming feature film Bonded, a human-trafficking drama directed and written by Mohit Ramchandani. Members can bid on one Executive Producer and one Associate Producer credit NFTs. STARS tokens will facilitate the exchange process. Apart from winning the credit, Associate Producer auction winners will have a final cut of the film, a digital copy of the shooting script, and an invitation for two to a private industry screening. The Executive Producer auction winner will additionally win a hard copy of the shooting script and an invitation for four. Bonded was the first film partially financed through Mogul’s proprietary platform. 

Mogul and Jancroon Come Together on a Series of NFT Drops

The NFT drop is considered to be a highly significant event that marks the platform’s imminent sci-fi game/metaverse launch. The series, a first in four installments, would have 7,777 NFTs designed by well-known Hollywood designer Imery Watson. Watson is famous for his iconic Lord of the Rings series. The series will also feature the works of Terryl Whitlach, the Star Wars creature designer from Lucasfilm. The NFT drops will also bring enticing access to Jancroon’s offerings, a virtual world that serves as a context to the struggle between humans and powerful aliens, known as Croons. 

Mogul to Partner With Hip-Hop Icon Jim Jones

Mogul’s collaboration with Jim Jones will result in a NFT collection drop that will happen live on stage. Promised to be one of the most significant crypto events of the year, the collection named Digital Money will be exclusive to the Mogul NFT marketplace. Owning the NFT would mean a chance to own the world’s first crypto song as a NFT. Jones has already created his $Capocoin social token. Marking the launch, Jones will be performing at the 2022 NFT LA conference, which will be held between March 28th and 31st. 

The STARS Tokens: Fuel to the Mogul Economy

As it is already evident, the STARS tokens fuel the Mogul platform. STARS are widely available on exchanges, including ApeSwap, PancakeSwap, UniSwap, MEXC, and Bitmart. It comes with multiple facilities that help potential beneficiaries submit their projects for consideration. It also helps vote for the next big blockbuster. Among its earning possibilities, the token qualifies for exclusive rewards, earning through project staking, and spending on the platform. Built on the Ethereum platform, STARS is compatible with the ERC-20 standard. 

Mogul: The Confluence of Enhancements in Products, Communities, and Ecosystem

The Mogul product list is growing. The development team is as always hard at work assembling the newest features for the Mogul NFT Marketplace and ecosystem. Expanding the community means building more partnerships in the Film and Entertainment industries, providing more access passes, building a solid discord community, and more features. 

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