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Modern Millionaires 2021 Review | Scam Or Legit Program?

Modern Millionaires

Modern Millionaires is a lead generation and digital marketing course that was created to educate entrepreneurs across the world on how to generate leads online. With more than 30,000 students from all around the globe, this program claims to be one of the most effective training programs for learning about this topic.

However, good press hasn’t won over the fuss and there is a lot of confusion on the internet.

Is it a legit online program or another sales pitch?

Let’s find out:

Modern Millionaires: An Overview

Modern Millionaires is a system designed for anyone who’s serious about quitting their job, but doesn’t know how to start earning money online. 

It covers everything you need to succeed online – from prospecting, and monetizing your services with Google Ads, to outsourcing your work, automating your lead generation agency and increasing your income.

The system they use is called the lead generation method, which I’d also call the “opportunity scrolling method”. It really serves as a framework to help you analyze and develop scalable ad campaigns for local and small businesses.

Forget multi-level Marketing, pyramids and get rich quick schemes – Modern Millionaires is more like a slow and steady climb, only without the sweat and toil.

Who’s Behind Modern Millionaires? Chance & Abdul

There’s no denying it: Chance and Abdul are two well-known, successful, self-made 7-figure entrepreneurs. 

These guys have been featured as marketing experts on big sites like Forbes, and no doubt why. For more than ten years, Chance and Abdul have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses generate huge income and boost their revenues. They’re at the forefront of two of the top agencies in the US, and they’re also the ones behind The Modern Millionaires program.

In the course, you won’t only see them in the video-lessons (all the content and knowledge from the program comes directly from these guys), but they will also be your mentors.

You’ll be able to meet with them weekly to discuss different strategies, tips and tactics that can help you generate more profit. This will help you learn directly from their experience, rather than wasting time exploring what hasn’t worked in the past.

Modern Millionaires Program Curriculum

As I dropped earlier, Modern Millionaires will teach you how to generate leads for businesses and buyers by working more efficiently using ads.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to get rich overnight. If you think it will be easy, better not opt ​​for it and look for one of those “gurus” who promise you gold the first day

Now, if what you are looking for is a complete and detailed course on inbound marketing, sales, prospecting and more, then you’ll probably love this one. 

It has a total of four modules, along with a bunch of bonuses and other features to smooth the process of building your own lead generation agency. 

You’ll discover the exact methodology, step by step, that Chance and Abdul followed to create and monetize a marketing agency that works 24/7 on automatic pilot, generating leads and selling them to local companies.

Here’s a short summary of each module:

Module 1 – Learning the Basics

The first module focuses on preparation. It has sections on how to get started, how to use the course information and resources more effectively, and how to be more productive.

It cuts to the chase pretty quickly and doesn’t stuff you with unnecessary introductory material. 

As finding the right niche is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, their list with more than 70 niche market ideas is really a strong point. It even comes with detailed and valuable information on those that really generate profit.

In the last two sections, they will teach you to develop your own agency website.

Module 2 – Prospecting

In the second module, you’ll learn how to create a CRM and configure subdomains, which ensure that you can effectively track your potential customers.

You’ll discover two different ways you can reach your potential customers, and dig in the most effective way to work with them:

Module 3A, 3B, 3C: Getting Traffic & Customers

The quality of your leads is the lifeblood of the business. The more leads you have, the more money you will generate.

So, in this series of modules, you’ll learn all about Google and Facebook Ads, specifically how to use them to acquire more traffic and generate more leads for your business (and clients).  

This part is quite extensive. They’ll give you lots of tips, strategies and techniques on how to make the most of each of these platforms. 

Module 4 – Automating & Scaling Your Business

Automating sales and marketing with project management tools is a vital part of any modern business, and in this section they’ll explain how it all works. 

These are simple instructions that you can follow, they’ll take you through the process step by step and offer links to resources and free trials you can take advantage of. 

It takes some time to master the skills of the Modern Millionaires system, and above all, hard work and consistency. But with their blueprint and the wide range of tools they show you to automate your workflow, there’s no reason to not try. 

Why You Should Join Modern Millionaires

  • The Modern Millionaires program is updated with new strategies every month to keep you up to date with changes in online marketing.
  • It has well-structured, comprehensive lessons on lead generation, and covers everything from the basics for beginners to some valuable new information for intermediate or advanced lead generation students.
  • Today, Modern Millionaires has built a huge FB community with more than 5,000 active members. They offer weekly workshops and calls via Zoom to network, get your doubts answered and learn from like-minded entrepreneurs all around the world. 
  • The course focuses its method on the less competitive sectors (local businesses). And that’s great, because your benefits will be greater this way than if you tried to compete with other bigger markets. 

Why You Shouldn’t Join Modern Millionaires

  • It’s not for the “I want to be rich fast” type of people.They will help you build a solid business, but you will have to put in your hard work.
  • You’ll have to stay focused and spend time learning. This will be difficult if you work full time. If you are not going to be engaged, don’t try to join Modern Millionaires.

Is Modern Millionaires a Legit Course or a Scam?

I think Modern Millionaires is a great and legit resource for people making their way towards financial freedom.

The real formula for success is a combination of hard work and perseverance, with a willingness to focus on growing your business over time.

If you trust Modern Millionaires, they will give you the support you need to achieve it. 

You’ll get to learn from experienced entrepreneurs, develop your skills and expand your network, and this will help you create your business with less risk and stress-free.

Just take a look at their Google reviews -there are plenty of insights from former students who have reached their goal and are already enjoying their new lifestyle.


Modern Millionaires is a comprehensive program where you can learn all the simple steps to successful lead generation.

If you’re into inbound marketing and making money online, then you should probably be looking at this course. They’re an informatively valuable business resource, and they can show you how to get traffic and generate leads with simple, easy-to-follow steps

So, whether you’re just starting out or have been in the field for years, Modern Millionaires is definitely an investment in your future.

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