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MobilityGuru launches a new altcoin to make blockchain technology more inclusive for people with disabilities

London, UK, 23 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, MobilityGuru is a blockchain-based project born out of the belief that every human being living with a disability deserves access to inclusive, reliable and competitively priced online marketplace. With an already running website and over millions of dollars’ worth of listed services and products, MobilityGuru is a one-of-a-kind venture.

We are seeking to capitalize on our first mover’s advantage and leverage what is now a strong bull market for altcoins. The Guru token holds a lot of potential for gains both for users of the platform as well as investors through its direct utility and relation to the existing online marketplace.

We see this as an ideal opportunity to integrate the needs of people with disability and professionals to create a platform that can store, transfer and validate all kinds of product and service data. The Binance Smart Chain can be employed to become the basis for a token that draws its value from user interactions in the MobiltyGuru marketplace. Thus fuelling a free and decentralized economy where buyers and sellers connect and exchange products and services directly.    

Decentralization and the means to transact freely globally – these are the two core aspects behind the online platform. The large size of MobilityGuru’s user base and market means a blockchain-based marketplace is theoretically scalable, secure and decentralized. Right now MobiltyGuru doesn’t seem to be very scalable but deploying blockchain technology will allow us to take the development of the marketplace further in its journey. And the current moment couldn’t be better to do so.

Investor interest in cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly and many are looking to go beyond Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). MobilityGuru offers investors exclusive access to the returns and benefits of diversification. We are happy to bring our real-world expertise to this new digital asset class. GURU tokens is based on the BEP-20 protocol that will facilitate a world wide market portal designed to develop project growth and inspire potential investors.

MobilityGuru’s business model targets commercial enterprises, government institutions and the individual user. This opens many opportunities for revenue by promoting a new level of sales with ongoing service to facilitate all mobility disability. Our experiences during this pilot time, combined with deep understanding of the crypto sector and the struggles of people with a disability puts us in a unique position to build the integral components of the ecosystem. An ecosystem, which benefits both users and professionals in this fragmented and niche field.

The advanced functionality and strong backing of the MobilityGuru project present investors with a significant cryptocurrency investment opportunity that isn’t directly tied to BTC and ETH. As the altcoin space continues to mature, and with widespread adoption of popular altcoins on recognized markets, the GURU token is the key to scoring potentially life-changing returns in the crypto market. Now on

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