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MobileAppDaily has Announced its List of the Top Augmented Reality Development Companies

MobileAppDaily is a platform that has time and time again came up with compelling lists of top companies in a niche, interesting tech news, new products, and some hidden undiscovered gems in the tech domain.

This time around the platform came up with its list of top augmented reality development companies. It is an important list considering the amount of interest that is being taken in the technology.

Augmented reality has been revamping various aspects of how we interact with technology. Currently, it is the epitome of interactiveness that allows its users to experience digital elements in real-world scenarios. This trend is slowly and steadily changing the way we offer products, market them, and use them.

Augmented reality has taken its roots in multiple industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, marketing, journalism, etc. In fact, there are several use cases that are being catered to using the technology. Use cases such as interactive content, AR-based advertising, AR-based courses, AR games, AR photography, etc. 

Quite naturally, the number of companies that provided augmented reality solutions increased. This made searching for a decent augmented reality development company for entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises difficult. 

MobileAppDaily took the initiative and came up with its list to help budding entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises embrace the technology. With this article, we will be exploring the different facets associated with the list and the need for it.

Market of Augmented Reality

As per, the current augmented reality market is valued at USD 31.97 billion in 2022. Adding to it, the AR market is projected to reach 88.4 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 31.5%. 

The reason behind the growth is estimated to be the increasing adoption in the healthcare sector. Adding to it, the demand is growing in the retail and e-commerce sector as well post covid-19. Furthermore, the application of the technology will be increasing in consumer space, healthcare, aerospace, energy, automotive, etc.

Why are Companies Rushing Towards Augment Reality?

There are multiple reasons companies are rushing toward augmented reality and looking for the best AR companies in 2023. Let’s explore some of them:

  • AR can help in improving engagement with the customer
  • AR can be used as a productive tool by providing real-world instructions to complete multiple processes using it
  • It can help in reducing costs by replacing traditional processes
  • It helps companies explore new markets

List of the Top Augment Reality Development Companies Mentioned in the List (2023)

We have divided this segment into three sections. Considering the requirements and budget of each of these sections, we have mentioned the best augmented reality companies from our list. Therefore, let’s check them out.

For Startups & Entrepreneurs

Companies in this category require a good company with a good minimum budget and low hourly rates. Therefore, here are the two entries from the list:


Location: Pembroke, USA

About: InvoGames is a game design and development-oriented company. This is the reason it is able to provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients. The company provides a range of services that includes AR game development as well. Some of the compelling applications in its portfolio are Gino Devolution, BigStake5, Allie the Ellie, etc.

Min. Project Budget: $5,000+

Hourly Rate: $25-$49 per hour

Experiential Etc.

Location: Maharashtra, India

About: Experiential Etc. is a compelling company with its innovative AR-based solution in the advertising space. The company has worked with big names such as Blackberrys, Novotel, HDFC Life, etc., and offers a range of other AR services. Services such as Liveglass, Holopyramid, Holomist, etc. 

Min. Project Budget: $25,000

Hourly Rate: <$25 per hour

For SMEs

For this category, we decide to keep the budget in the medium space. This is considering that the majority of the companies in this category can afford these prices. Therefore, they have better flexibility in terms of budget.


Location: New York, USA

About: CXR is a conventional development company that provides a range of solutions in the tech space. Some of the solutions that CXR provides are branding, UI/UX, blockchain, etc. including AR services. This is a great company for anyone looking for a well-versed partner to create an AR solution.

Min. Project Budget: $10,000+

Hourly Rate: $50-$99 per hour


Location: Tamil Nadu, India

About: AssetFinx is a metaverse development company. Aside from this, it also provides solutions in the realm of gaming, NFT, and Web3. The company has received several awards and accolades. Also, it worked on a range of metaverse projects.

Min. Project Budget: $5000+

Hourly Rate: $50-$99 per hour

For Large Enterprises

These are large establishments that have the capability to hire the best teams. Therefore budget is not a constraint for them. Therefore in this list, the companies mentioned belong to the premium range.


Location: Delaware, USA

About: Varwin is a small team of AR developers that has worked on more than 70+ virtual reality projects around the globe. This makes them natural at providing AR-based solutions. It is a company that has worked with multiple industry behemoths and has also received awards for doing the same.

Min. Project Budget: $5,000+

Hourly Rate: $100-$149 per hour

Kaalo LLC

Location: Texas, USA

About: Kaalo has worked on multiple in-house AR projects such as AR-based Kaalo Chatbot, Kaalo AR configurators, Kaalo AR Glasses Keye, etc. Their efficacy in the AR space is natural. Also, they are capable of understanding the requirements of their clients especially in the AR realm.

Min. Project Budget: $1,00,000+

Hourly Rate: $200-$300

Concluding Words!

MobileAppDaily aka MAD has been providing some incredible lists of companies (directories) in several domains. It has been helping numerous companies with reducing their search cycle for finding relevant development partners.  The list of augmented reality companies has been created by MAD with the intention of providing relevant partners to the MAD community and giving more exposure to these amazing companies. It aims to provide multiple companies with different expertise with varied app development costs to fit the budget. AR as a domain is slowly and steadily seeing a rise in its adoption rate. In the near future, it is highly likely that tech will become an essential part of our daily life and have much more usability for us.


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