Mobile Proxies: Your Guide to Benefits & Uses

If you are professionally engaged in SMM, you have probably encountered the concept of ‘proxy’. Almost every third-party service after registration or installation of an application on a smartphone asks for permission to use a proxy. Alternatively, it asks you to enter your own data. Proxies are needed for parsing subscribers or posts mentioning a topic, analyzing competitors’ profiles, etc. If you don’t use them, your account may be blocked due to the huge number of accesses to the server. You will have to explain yourself for a long time with the administration of social networks and the client who gave you access to your account

In this material you will learn what mobile proxies are, how they work, why they are needed and where you can buy mobile proxies at an affordable price.This information will help you save time, nerves and money.

What mobile proxies are in the simplest words?

You have probably already read about what classic – server proxies are. Mobile proxies fulfill the same function – they pass through themselves the data flow from the user to the source server and return a response request. But these technologies have a few qualitative differences.

Mobile proxies are also called rotating or backconnect-proxy. This technology is used legally by mobile operators. Mobile proxies use many IPs from which the source server receives requests from users when they access the network from smartphones and tablets. Target servers cannot block such addresses, even if they receive a huge number of requests from them. The source server ‘understands’ that the high load from one IP is not due to spam actions of one client, but to quite natural behavior of hundreds or even thousands of users. Therefore, it has to relax restrictions on mobile proxies.

Sometimes the source servers, for example, of the same social networks, block accounts of users who behave unnaturally. The thing is that from all applications on smartphones and tablets they receive not only IP, but also additional information – information about the time zone, network fingerprint of the operating system and other data.

The server will consider an account suspicious if:

  • The time zone of the application does not match the time zone of the IP address;
  • the IP address changes too often;
  • the network fingerprint of the OS does not match the device from which the user logged into his account.

In such cases, the target server blocks not the IP address from which the request was sent, but the account of the user who behaved suspiciously. This is why it is important to use mobile proxies that work according to ‘human’ algorithms. They will naturally change IP-addresses, transmit correct data to the source server, without causing doubts that the request comes from a real user and not from a spam robot. Even if you are simultaneously parsing profiles of competitors and their followers from under several Instagram accounts.

Advantages of mobile proxies over server proxies

No blocking by the resource. The target server blocks server proxies without unnecessary questions when it receives an unnatural number of requests from one IP. Mobile proxy addresses are not blocked by websites and social networks, as such actions will affect thousands of users who follow the rules of the site.

Convenience, time saving and reliability. When you buy server proxies, you get one IP address. Any suspicious activity from it = ban from the site. With mobile proxies you get a pool of IP-addresses, which are automatically changed in a specified time range. You do not need to manually change anything in the settings of programmes and applications.

Bypassing checks of target servers. Server proxies show target servers IPs belonging to data processing centers (DPCs). Data from such equipment cannot be used by individuals from computers and mobile devices, so you can get blocked at the first stage of verification.

Mobile proxies provide IP addresses that ordinary users use. Moreover, in addition to the address, they show the correct time zone and OS fingerprint. The server of the site has no doubts that the request is made by an ordinary person, not a robot.

Price to quality ratio. Server proxies are cheap, but you will have to invest money again and again when the servers of the sites start blocking IP. Rotating proxies are more expensive, as the service provider has to buy special equipment and SIM-cards through which users will connect to 3G/4G networks of mobile operators. But the high price is justified by bypassing checks, increased protection from blocking and other advantages listed above, as well as the possibility to use more accounts simultaneously than with server proxies.

Why are you needed?

Many people think that only those who use gray or black methods of promotion in social networks are needed. However, this is not the case. Mobile proxies will facilitate and simplify the work of almost every digital specialist.

The eternal pain of SEO specialists and context specialists who do not use mobile proxies.

Mobile proxies will be needed by:

  • marketers and SEO-specialists – when parsing competitors, collecting queries for the semantic core, mass posting of content on several client accounts, analyzing subscribers’ actions, etc…;
  • arbitrageurs, contextual and targeted advertising specialists – for account farming and launching advertising campaigns from multi-accounts;
  • software developers – for automated promotion or launching their own private software, when it is necessary to bypass checks of source servers;
  • bloggers – to start mass following and massliking, to analyze competitors’ profiles, to track their own account statistics;
  • ordinary users – when you need to ensure anonymity of your online activities.

With such software you will not have to worry about whether the server will block your account or not when performing daily routine tasks. You will save time, nerves and effort.

Where to buy mobile proxies?

Before you buy mobile proxies, you should at least superficially study the algorithm of actions, the observance of restrictions by the service and the probability of blocking risks. Unfortunately, some companies offer unfinished or outdated solutions. Using such proxies, you risk your own and your client’s account, and this is a loss of time, nerves and money.

In the ALTVPN service you can buy high-speed and stable mobile proxies. They will become indispensable in working with social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, as well as with third-party services for SMM- and SEO-specialists, traffic arbitrageurs.

ALTVPN mobile proxies use the address pool of Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T mobile operators with localisation in the USA and Europe. The user of the proxy channel can be located anywhere in the world. The service will automatically build the route of the user’s request in such a way that the source server will consider it as natural, coming from a human, not from a spam robot.

You will not feel any limitations in the data transfer speed or in the number of threads. Reconnect lasts from 3 to 10 seconds. If the mobile operator does not have any problems with the connection, then no more than 3 seconds. The data transfer speed depends on the mobile operator, but average values are up to 50 Mbit/sec. In simple words, you can simultaneously parse competitors’ profile information, launch mass following and mass liking without noticing any delays in services and programmes and without fear of being blocked by social networks.

All users who have purchased ALTVPN mobile proxies receive prompt 24/7 technical support. At any moment you can contact the operators to change some or other characteristics of the proxy channel, for example, to configure IP change by link or set a different frequency of IP address change. This is convenient, as in most companies users can only set the required settings once – when they buy a proxy.

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