Mobile Pixels TRIO – The Best Portable Monitor!

With the arrival of the Portable Screen for Laptops, the nature of work has changed drastically. Now it has made the lives of people more comfortable.

It’s not a new occurrence, but in the last several years, laptops with portable monitors have become the talk of the town.

At least one is available from most of the industry’s leading monitor makers, and new models are arriving with more frequency than ever before.

There is a wide variety of portable displays available to meet your needs, whether you’re looking to give presentations to your colleagues or staff, multitask between two applications, improve your portable gaming system, or make fine adjustments to your designs using a stylus.


Many just feature a single USB-C port for all connection needs; others also have HDMI and additional ports, and they no longer need a specific AC adapter for power (though some do come with one as an option).

Want to go out and get one? Keep reading for a rundown of Mobile Pixels TRIO Portable Screen for Laptop we have covered in this article.

Mobile Pixels TRIO

With its innovative design, the Mobile Pixels TRIO is a portable 13-inch 1080p display. It’s not a regular stand, but rather an attachment to the side of a laptop that allows for a twin- or triple-screen arrangement, allowing for more efficient work on the road.

Only when installed on the right side can the IPS panel’s viewing angles and high pixel density allow for coherent writing. Mounting it on the left will cause the screen to be inverted, making it harder to see the text.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the glare in most rooms because of its excellent reflection management, but you won’t be able to use it outdoors since its peak brightness is just average.

A decent choice for a workplace display, the Mobile Pixels TRIO doesn’t disappoint. You can achieve great text clarity because of the compact size and high resolution of the screen, but only when placed on the right side of the monitor.

Mounting it on the left will cause the screen to be inverted, making it harder to see the text. The monitor’s grayscale uniformity is excellent, and its viewing angles are above average. Following are the features of the mobile pixels TRIO


It is compatible with OS X, iOS, Android Mobile and Tablet, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. It is a transportable display for the PS4, Xbox One, and other devices that use the Samsung DeX standard

A versatile addition to your workplace

Working professionals, gamers, stock traders, entrepreneurs, developers, and people like you are constantly on the move, and TRIO is a simple laptop screen extension that magnetizes to the back of any laptop to solve this problem.

Display Size

It offers 12.5 in. or 14.1 in. Full High-Definition or 1080p. That is the thing that makes it a wonderful product.  Hence, it has a very reasonable display size. The picture quality is beyond this world.

Heads-Up Display with Automatic Rotation

The ideal fit for your laptop, with two size choices for the extended monitor integrated with a gravity sensor that rotates your secondary laptop screen automatically.

Tri-Screen Display Mode

Put your laptop into tri-screen mode by attaching two TRIOs or TRIO MAXs. This is perhaps the wonderful feature that makes this product dominant among all others.

The angle of view Adjustability

Pixels on mobile devices that can rotate a full 270 degrees. The TRIO triple monitor has four settings for optimal viewing in a variety of positions for collaborative work.

The Flexibility of Connections

In addition to the Nintendo Switch and Android phones, the TRIO laptop monitor extension is compatible with devices that don’t need a dock. An easy-to-use plug-and-play solution is the TRIO tri-screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a laptop and a pair of TRIO displays; How should I connect?

Two extra monitors may be used by connecting two TRIO screens directly to two USB ports on the PC.

 Is there anything special I need to install to get TRIO working?

The laptop screen will stay the same and function as a third display. The TRIO is fully plug-and-play with any computer that has a USB-C connector and DisplayPort support (which is often incorporated into modern computers). If there aren’t enough drivers on board, the Trio can’t be used.

Is there a noticeable lag when using two TRIO monitors with a computer?

With the exception of graphically demanding tasks (gaming, streaming, and video processing), the answer is no.

Does Windows 10 work with TRIO Max displays?

There is no problem using a TRIO Max display with Windows 10.

Can I use two TRIO monitors to create a split-screen arrangement?

After connecting the TRIO monitors to your computer and setting them up as secondary displays, you can split the screen across the two displays.

How many TRIO Max devices would be needed at a minimum to run three displays at the same time?

If you want three displays, you’ll need to buy not one but two TRIO Max monitors.

Which 15-inch laptops do you recommend for the TRIO Max?

The TRIO Max is suggested for laptops with displays of 15.6 inches or more. The standard-sized TRIO is the better option for most computers.

To what extent does Windows 10 permit the usage of a triple monitor setup?

Windows 10 allows for three displays at once. Actually, there’s a limit of only one extra display for phones and tablets.


The Mobile Pixels TRIO is a wonderful option for full multitasking on the move thanks to its well-thought-out design.

It’s one of the few ways to transform your laptop into a triple-display configuration, and it’s simple to use. Compared to other options, its pricing is reasonable for a monitor designed for specialized use.

However, the shortcomings of portable displays, such as a lack of on-screen display (OSD) choices, are exposed by Mobile Pixels TRIO.

The brightness may be changed, but the color accuracy is fixed, and there are no RGB controls to improve it. It’s a lovely extra, but it’s only a secondary screen, so it can’t be used for anything that really needs high resolution.

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