Mobile Applications Development: Interview with the CEO of Exemplary Marketing.

Exemplary Marketing LLC offers world-class app development and digital marketing services. The firm is listed as Top App Developers on software review sites and has branches in 9 different countries. In this interview with TechBullion, founder Malik A Kurdi will be telling us more about the mobile applications development firm.

Please tell us a little more about yourself and what inspired you to start an app development and digital marketing business?

I am Malik A Kurdi Owner and founder of Exemplary Marketing LLC

What inspired me is the outreach and wealth you can build upon people with the help of technology. 

Could you tell us about Exemplary Marketing, what specific services do you provide, what industries do you cover, and what makes you unique?

We are an all-in-one tech hub solution provider we help with app development, app design projects, Blockchain technology, kiosk development NFTART development. And Much more. 

Exemplary Marketing helps you bring your technical solutions to life! Whether it is wearable technology or a user interface we make sure we get the job done right. We cover all industries like transportation, casino, gaming, banking, sports software, and much more.

We have the edge because we are a well-rounded young and eager tech company! We give our best efforts in understanding projects. We are USA-based! And document-oriented. 

Tell us more about your app development services and the processes involved?

For any technical experience a new client may experience this is how it will follow! We speak via zoom etc. We understand the project. 

Once we understand the project we offer our design + FRD Functional Requirements Document Service. This helps us both understand the project internally and physically. 

Once agreed on both we write up a contract to code the software or application. We compile the FRD into the contract + all legality that may arise. We then agree on the price and code the project.

On your software services at Exemplary Marketing, what should a client expect from your team?

A client should expect a turnaround of at least 1 week of Exemplary Marketing understanding the project and making sure everything is understood on our end. 

They should expect a lot of documentation sheets and understanding documents before we commit to any type of software project. 

Our team is all in-house meaning they are in the United States Of America and not overseas not having to worry about any type of legality issues or people running off with their money. 

The digital marketing industry has evolved with the Covid pandemic and digital transformation. What trends should we look out for in 2022 and beyond?

We should look out for more blockchain technology/ Wearable technology/ AR/VR development and more applications like buy now pay later mobile applications and much more. 

Tech is hot and we are always looking for aspiring individuals to join our team, reach out!

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