Mobile App Design Competition: A Full Guide

The mobile app market could be described as being very competitive.

That is why it is mandatory to know how to stand out with your mobile app and its marketing strategies. One of the top things that could help you let your mobile app reach a certain number of people who could show interest in your app is a mobile app design competition.

So the question is: Are you a mobile app designer looking to showcase your skills and compete with other talented designers? Participating in a mobile app design competition can be a great way to gain exposure and recognition in the industry, as we mentioned.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to get started, including tips for creating a winning design and guidelines for submitting your entry.

EarthWeb conducted a survey that showed that people are using mobile apps daily at a very progressive rate. The typical American smartphone user uses their device for at least five hours every day. The majority of that time is spent on apps and websites. Good mobile app designs should emphasize personalized interaction, a friendly voice, and intuitive interaction.

That is precisely what you will find. We will provide you with tips on how to create a friendly interface that invites users in without saying much. Read below for more details on the topics.

App Design Secrets: The Key to Your App’s Success

If you think creativity and imagination are all you need to create the best user experience, whether it’s for a mobile device, tablet, or simply a web page, you’re wrong. We advise you to think again, using your research skills, to understand more about what you should include in your mobile app design strategy and plan.

Like anything worthwhile, every app’s design demands thought. It has a purpose if you’ll excuse the expression. In as little as three seconds, users can decide whether or not they are interested in what you’re selling. You guessed it, design is what motivated that choice. 90% of app users claimed that poor performance or design caused them to discontinue using a particular mobile phone app.

Your UI design must be basic while still being familiar to people for ease of use, given smaller screens and much shorter attention spans. There are several things to think about while designing for mobile.

What Is a Mobile App Design Competition?

One of the well-known mobile app design competitions is called “A’ Mobile Technologies.” The A’ Mobile Technologies, Apps, and Software Development Award is a freestyle design contest accessible to mobile products in their conceptual and finished stages from application developers, mobile technology businesses, mobile software companies, and designers worldwide.

The A’ Design Award for Mobile Technologies, Applications, and Software is more than just a prize; it is a symbol of excellence in design that attracts the interest of businesses, individuals, and organizations that value good design.

Application developers who receive the A Award receive a certificate of excellence, marking a significant turning point in their careers. The A’ Award attracts the attention of design-focused businesses all across the world, and recipients can discover better and more prominent employment and sales leads, moving them one step closer to success.

There are several other awards and competitions that you can enroll your mobile app in and try to win. That is why we’ll provide you with a list of steps to take in order to prepare yourself for such competitions.

Understand the Competition Rules and Guidelines

Before you start designing your mobile app, it’s essential to thoroughly read and understand the competitions you have the possibility of participating in. Understand the general competition rules and guidelines.

This will ensure that your entry meets all the requirements. It will also ensure that it has a better chance of being selected as a finalist. Pay attention to details such as the submission deadline, file format requirements, and any specific design elements that must be included.

These might look simple, but they make a very distinctive difference if you get the right and abide by the rules. It’s also a good idea to review the judging criteria to understand what the judges will be looking for in a winning design.

Research the Target Audience and Market Trends

To create a winning mobile app design, it’s important to understand the target audience and current market trends. Research the demographics and preferences of the target audience, such as age, gender, and interests. This will help you design an app that meets their needs and stands out from the competition.

This will also prove that your mobile app serves a specific solution to a problem that is facing people in the market. Additionally, stay up-to-date on current market trends and design styles to ensure your app is modern and relevant. This research will also help you identify any potential challenges or opportunities in the market that you can address in your design.

Create a Unique and User-Friendly Design

Mark this step as one of grave importance. When participating in a mobile app design competition, it’s important to create a design that is both unique and user-friendly. Your plan should stand out from the competition while also being easy to navigate and use for the target audience.

Consider using a simple and intuitive layout, clear and concise language, and visually appealing graphics and colors. Remember to test your design with real users to ensure it meets their needs and expectations. A unique and user-friendly design can make all the difference in winning a mobile app design competition.

Test Your App Design for Functionality and Usability

Testing your app’s design for functionality and usability is crucial to ensuring that it meets the needs and expectations of your target audience. Consider conducting user testing with a diverse group of individuals to gather feedback on the design, layout, and overall user experience.

Use this feedback to make necessary adjustments and improvements to your plan. Additionally, make sure your app design is compatible with different devices and operating systems to ensure a seamless user experience for all users. By testing your app design for functionality and usability, you can increase your chances of winning a mobile app design competition.

Prepare a Compelling Presentation to Showcase Your Design

Once you have completed your mobile app design, it’s important to prepare a compelling presentation to showcase your work. This presentation should highlight the key features and benefits of your app design, as well as any unique or innovative aspects of your design.

Use visuals such as screenshots, diagrams, and videos to help illustrate your design and make it more engaging for the judges. Be sure also to include any relevant data or statistics that demonstrate the potential impact and success of your app design. Practice your presentation beforehand to ensure that you are confident and comfortable presenting your design to the judges.

What Are the Criteria That Your App Will Be Judged Based On?

There are different criteria that an app design competition judge could hold you accountable for:

  •   App Content: Ask yourself, does it deliver your app’s message and ensure users understand your app’s services clearly?
  •   App Navigation: Is your app easy to navigate? Is it easy enough to use? Does it need fewer features to facilitate the whole navigation process?
  •   App Structure: Is your app’s structure intuitive? Is it consistent?
  •   App Functionality: This criterion is one that is of great importance. Does your app have glitches or bugs that need to be fixed? Does it load quickly without lagging? These are crucial questions that you should focus on.
  •   App Interactivity: Does your app impose interactivity on its users? Or does it simply let users spectate?
  • App’sOverall Experience: Does your app maintain users? Does it acquire new ones? Do users keep coming back? What is your app’s rate of overall uninstalls?

If you ask yourself these questions regarding your app, you will have the criteria that mobile app design competition judges are actually judging apps based on. Furthermore, you will have a better chance of winning the competition and arse with your app than other competitors who might lack one of these criteria checks.

Tips and Tricks to Create a Great Mobile App Design:

  • Boost visual content and reduce words to lessen cognitive pressure
  • Minimize the user’s typing need
  • Maintain your app’s UI as consistent as possible with the website.
  • Make it easy to go back to a specific page or setting in your app.
  • Keep your buttons always in the right size for your app’s page and format
  • Use clear fonts
  • Use high-resolution images and icons
  • Leverage in-app search to benefit users

Final Thoughts on Mobile App Design Competition

Mobile apps are of crucial importance for your business. They empower your services and allow you to be more credible and have better publicity. The design of your mobile app helps you gain better download rates that could assist you in achieving your business goals.

That is why we advise you to create a mobile app for your business and compete with it through well-known competitions in order to work on your strengths and weaknesses points and enhance your app. If you win a mobile app design competition, your app will be well-known and will reach a vast number of people.

The whole app development process could sound intimidating and a bit overwhelming. Although no-code solutions are now more popular than before, their benefits need to be highlighted in the market more. Our app builder, nandbox, is a native no-code app builder that helps you build and develop an application from scratch without having to use a single line of code.

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