Mlytics Launches Enhanced Origin Shield For Web applications and APIs Protection


The team at Mlytics has again reiterated their commitment to delivering the best experience to clients as the company recently launched Origin Shield, a sophisticated security suite natively deployed across multiple top-tier CDNs. The move will enable clients of the global leader in digital content delivery and experience monitoring to enjoy core security features such as Cloud WAF, access control, L7 DDoS Protection, Bot Management, and API Protection.

By taking Origin Shield to the next level, we can leverage a more-holistic approach to be deployed across multiple trusted CDNs,” says Tars Geerts, Growth Manager at Mlytics. “When you combine this with Smart Load Balancing, we can truly boost network performance and maximize origin server protection and resilience.

Leading providers of digital content delivery and experience monitoring, Mlytics,Significance Of Origin Shield To An  Organization

Origin Shield remains an important aspect of any setup as it is about risk appetite, looking at how much downtime an organization can afford. Unfortunately, downtimes have become unacceptable in recent times, as businesses are required to be online 24/7 in today’s digital world, which is where an origin shield solution is helpful, guarding against threat and serving as an important part of the WAAP (Web application API protection) architecture. However, Mlytics seeks to take the experience a notch higher, especially as many of the available solutions do not meet the growing and diverse needs of organizations.

The move by Mlytics is particularly timely, helping organizations to stay protected in a dynamic environment, amidst obstacles, new vulnerabilities, and uncertainties. The SaaS experience delivery platform from Mlytics has been upgraded with the launch of an enhanced Origin Shield solution, which ultimately bolsters its security suite and provides improved resilience to origin servers.

Features Of Mlytics’ Origin Shield Solution

The origin shield solution from Mlytics offers a variety of features that stand it out from other similar products. Some of the standout features of the solution are the Bot management, L7 DDoS protection, and API protection tools, all helping to reinforce the Origin Shield’s core security features. Features such as Cloud WAF (OWASP CRS and customized CRS); web firewall rules, header rules, captcha/JS challenge, user agent blocking rules, rate-limiting rules, rate limiting-header rules, and access control are some functionalities that make it unique.

The core Multi CDN solution of Mlytics also enables taking Origin Shield to the next level by leveraging multiple top-tier CDN networks and combining them with Origin Shield security solutions. 

Mlytics’s Multi CDN solution is designed to direct traffic to the next best-performing, healthy CDN in case of an outage. Consequently,  the Origin Shield in front of the origin stays active, providing protection against service disruptions, DDoS, and other cyber attacks, irrespective of the CDN selected by the Smart Load Balancer.

For further information about Mlytics and the enhanced cyber protection solution as well as other groundbreaking projects from the company, visit – Mlytics can also be found across several social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Mlytics

Mlytics was founded in 2017 with the goal of building a faster, more reliable, and safer online world while providing the ultimate transparency, flexibility, and customer control. The company’s technology platform disrupts the cloud industry with Multi CDN technology to deliver the best-in-class reliability, performance, and security. Mlytics simplifies the CDN subscription and activation process, using RUM and synthetic monitoring to collect CDN and network data to help businesses route traffic intelligently across all available CDNs.

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