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Mistakes to avoid denial of Social Security disability lawsuit

Social Security disability

From 2000 to 2010, Social Security Administration data reveals the increasing number of denied disability claims. Why is the number so high? There are various reasons for this. However, the common mistakes made by applicants like misunderstanding the condition or failure to provide correct information results in denial. So, what will you do? A team of SSD lawyers can help you break this monotony. They can help you avoid these mistakes and make your Social Security disability application the best. From the application to the final result, you need a lawyer by your side because they are well-versed with the legal aspect and can help you in every way possible.


Incomplete or inaccurate medical records

You must give the higher authority a thorough and detailed account of the medical history in the Social Security disability application. Medical history plays a very critical role in the application process. Remember that the entire process relies on the record, and it can get declined if you provide inappropriate information. On the application, they will ask you for relevant information like the following:

  • Your name, phone number, and address.
  • Date of a medical visit.
  • Dosage and name of medicines.
  • Test and laboratory results.
  • Medical records from the hospital, physicians, therapists, clinics, and caseworkers.

Moreover, you may have to fill out separate forms regarding your medical condition and how it affected your working ability. It’s important to be transparent and honest about the situation and medical history.


Incomplete or inaccurate employment record

Another mistake that applicants often make is providing inappropriate information in the employment record. Remember that you have to meet the income limit for SSD to get disability benefits. There are different earning tests for this purpose. The higher authorities will examine the following:

  • A current work test depending on the age at which you became disabled.
  • The time of work test to ensure that the person worked long enough in this scenario.

When you become disabled at an early age, you are eligible for compensation. You have to provide employment documents like pay stubs, employment forms, proof of compensation, etc.


Do not delay unnecessarily

You must apply as fast as possible. You cannot wait because it will create unnecessary delays. If you cannot work because of a medical condition, you have to take immediate steps. Remember that you need a lawyer to help you assess the situation and provide you with the necessary service. Whether organizing employment records and medical records or dealing with the evidence, the lawyers can help you do everything within a few hours. They have experience and expertise in this field and know the best strategies to help you through.

Remember that there are various misunderstandings related to SSD cases. However, only a lawyer knows how to deal with these myths and provide relevant service. By assessing your medical condition and providing you with legal advice, they can enhance your chances of getting compensation. Remember that you have to improve the chances of getting the case settled. Hence, whether it is a short-term disability or partial disability, you have to access the Social Security disability claim to ensure that you grab desired results.

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