MIRACLE SMILE Reviews (Customer Reports, Amazon): Does Miracle Smile Work? Don’t Buy Miracle Smile Till You Read This

Miracle Smile Reviews

Miracle Smile also known as Miracle Smile flosser has been reviewed by about 10,000 customers both on Trustpilot and other trusted review sites. Miracle Smile reviews have a customer report of about 4.8 over 5.0,

If you are looking for a perfect, affordable and durable water flosser for your dental care I think Miracle Smile water flosser is actually the best.

Do you know that poor oral health can be the reason for many systemic diseases? Medical studies have pointed accusing fingers at Diabetes, infectious endocarditis, and rheumatic heart disease – serious systemic health conditions – as resulting from bacterial infection of the mouth.

But now the question is how do you properly care for your mouth, particularly the teeth? Probably unknown to you, millions of bacteria come in contact with the mouth as we take our dessert, fruit juice, or just any meal. Luckily, most of these will meet the destructive effects of stomach acid which renders them harmless.

However, some lodge in between your teeth and in the gums. That’s where the problem lies because regular plaque removers and oral care kits cannot get them off.

And why spend thousands of dollars seeing a dentist when you can nip the problem in the bud with a simple at-home device?

At this juncture, I’ll introduce you to MiracleSmile, a one-of-a-kind plaque remover that combines ultrasonic technology and adjustable power settings to provide high-level dental care.

Miracle Smile is a product designed to address the shortfalls of regular tooth cleaning agents and tools and promote healthy teeth and mouth.

In this MiracleSmile Review, I’ll tell you all you need to know about the revolutionary electric plaque remover.

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What is Miracle Smile? (Miracle Smile Reviews)

Miracle Smile is a high-precision electric plaque remover that can make a big difference to your tooth health. It is designed with medical-grade materials to remove tartar and dirt, especially from hard-to-reach areas in your mouth.

No matter how hard you brush with a conventional toothbrush, you can’t be too sure of your mouth hygiene. Some dirt will lodge in between your teeth and cause problems later on.

Unfortunately, these conditions resulting from poor oral health are not necessarily limited to the mouth. They can affect distant organs to bring about multi-organ dysfunctions.

Built with ultrasonic technology, Miracle Smile can crack the strongest tartar in a few minutes and remove dirt particles in your mouth. This is the tooth cleaning kit you need for deep-level dental care.

As a DIY gadget, anybody can use the plaque remover without breaking their head. People with sensitive teeth don’t have to look elsewhere for a teeth cleaning kit. The plaque remover has adjustable power settings. You have to choose the level that will give the most cleansing effect while being comfortable.

Many people fall victim to whitening kits that in fact fail to do anything. Some electric plaque removers have been flagged red by customers from reviews. Getting a trusted teeth cleaning gadget is therefore difficult.

But not anymore. Miracle Smile is designed for people who don’t want to beat about the bush in their oral health care. The plaque remover is small and pointed, perfect for going into hard-to-reach areas and removing debris therein.

Miracle Smile has a replaceable head. You can order the head separately and change it periodically.

What’s more? Miracle Smile is rechargeable with a high-capacity battery and long duration of use; a perfect plaque remover for vacations and holidays.

At night you don’t need an external light source because Miracle Smile is equipped with LED light. This helps you navigate through hard-to-reach areas.

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Features: (Miracle Smile Reviews)

  • High-frequency vibrations

To break tartar and plaque, mechanical scrubbing will not be enough. Only high-frequency vibrations that get to the core of the tartar or plaque can degrade it. Luckily, Miracle Smile produces ultrasonic vibrations between 20, 000 and 40,000 rev/s which now causes water mixed with paste to rush for maximal tooth cleansing.

With this level of vibration, you can rest assured of healthy, revitalized teeth and a mouth free from debris, tartar, and plaques.

  • DIY gadget

Don’t break your head over using regular electric plaque removers. Miracle Smile is an easy-to-use electric plaque remover with a high level of customization. Even if you’ve not used an ultrasonic plaque remover before, here’s a good place to start. 

  • Adjustable Power Settings

We don’t all have the same level of tooth sensitivity. While some people are fine with strong mechanical scrubbing while they do their brushing, the same level of scrubbing may give people with sensitive teeth an ugly experience.

Most persons are not aware of this until they buy the wrong plaque remover. However, there’s no wrong with Miracle Smilebecause you can adjust the power to any level of your choice.

  • Small & Pointed

Its small size is a great advantage when it comes to navigating little spaces within the mouth. Miracle Smileis also pointed, helping it get to hard-to-reach areas. The plaque remover gives you precise tooth cleansing. No better way to revitalize and freshen up your teeth. 

  • Timer

There’s a two-minute, auto shut-off timer that allows you to brush adequately as recommended by dental doctors. You should spend half a minute cleaning every quadrant of the oral cavity. Some brushes have a reminder that beeps after 30 seconds to alert you to change to the next quadrant.

  • Replaceable Head

While you will need to replace the entire plaque remover at some point, the manufacturer provides the option to replace the head which is the most frequently used part.

You can get a replacement from the official website. There is no information at the time of writing this review on how long each replacement is supposed to last.

  • Medical-grade quality

Miracle Smile is your ideal gadget for improved oral and overall health. It is constructed from high-quality materials. The plaque remover has remarkable durability. So, you don’t have to buy one every month, like you’d regular plaque removers.

  • Rechargeable

A rechargeable battery is built into Sonic Glow Pick. The plaque remover is powered for several minutes before needing a recharge. The charge time is equivalent to five brushing sessions at moderate power and LED light turned on.

  • LED light

Don’t bruise your gums and miss debris at night. Equipped with a bright illumination LED, you can have a thorough cleaning session in the dark nights before sleeping or after waking up. The LEDs can be powered for several hours by a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Construction & Design: MiracleSmile Reviews

Miracle Smile is formulated from plastic, wood, and bamboo and it is designed with hygiene and convenience in mind.

It is made using medical-grade alloy, ensuring its resistance and resilience to damage.

The use of food-grade silicone especially on the tip of the gadget ensures a comfortable and gentle experience while minimizing and cleaning the risk of injuring or cutting the mouth.

Benefits of Using Miracle Smile Water Flosser (Miracle Smile  Water flosser Reviews)

  • Improved oral and overall health

Miracle Smile is highly effective at removing plaques and tartar from your teeth. It is an at-home solution for clearing out stains, particularly the strong ones that have built up for a long. If you’re looking for ways to improve your oral hygiene, Miracle Smile is for you. Improved oral health also reduces the risk of systemic infections and hence improves overall health.

  • Effective at cleaning food particles

Miracle Smile will get in between the gums and teeth to clean off food particles that lodge there. You hardly know but food particles almost always attach to your teeth after meals. Some are too small to be readily seen. It takes only a high-precision teeth cleaning agent to take them out.

  • Revitalizes and freshens up teeth

Tartar buildup not only makes the teeth unsightly; it is a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria will ferment the food particles left in your mouth, leading to foul others and poor tooth health.

The manufacturer of Miracle Smile is out with a solution. The electric plaque remover is highly effective at degrading tartar and plaque. Using this state-of-the-art plaque remover revitalizes and freshens up your teeth.

  • Increases confidence

You don’t have to hide your smile anymore. In fact, you will be proud to laugh out loud amidst friends and family. Miracle Smile cleans off dirt particularly the strong ones from your teeth. It increases your confidence and gets you comfortable in the gathering of people.

  • Precise tooth cleaning

The plaque remover is designed for targeted cleansing. It is small and pointed and therefore can go into small spaces inaccessible by regular tooth cleaning kits.

  • Affordable and Discount offer

This is one of the most affordable options for you on the market. Compared to other products of similar performance, Miracle Smile is a steal. Moreover, the product is sold at 50% discount if you buy from the official website.

Miracle Smile Reviews

How to use Miracle Smile (Miracle Smile Reviews)

Miracle Smile is a DIY gadget that requires no technical expertise to use.

Here are the 4 simple steps on how to use the electric plaque remover.

Step 1:  Remove the package from Miracle Smile and dock it for at least 25 minutes to charge

Step 2: Depress the power button which can help to switch on the device.

Step 3: Use the down and up arrows on the opposite side to adjust the speed (as per the user’s requirements).

Step 4: Gently rub the tool on the gum line, especially between your teeth. Don’t forget to rub on the surface of your teeth to protect against plaque and brighten stains

Does the plaque remover really work? 

Definitely. Miracle Smile makes use of high-frequency vibrations. This unique technology, ultrasonic technology, causes the device to rapidly vibrate to create gentle friction, pushing the plaque and tartar off the gums. The exact speed will depend on the user’s chosen power setting, but it works to carefully take away the cause of stains, gum disease, and more.

As the device vibrates, the tip breaks down the plaque and stains that have already built up on the teeth and along the gum line.

While consumers might have to take a couple of sessions to get the benefits, the incredible method of breaking down the accumulated residue is an easy way to make the mouth healthier. Plus, as the user continues to use the device after they’ve brushed their teeth, they’ll continue to improve their oral health while preventing new buildup from accumulating.

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Pros (Miracle Smile Reviews)

  • High-frequency vibrations
  • Customization and power settings
  • Superior performance in cleaning
  • Plaque prevention and gum health
  • Durable and safe design
  • Portable and convenient
  • Suggested by dentists

Cons (Miracle Smile Reviews)

  • Limited in stock
  • Only available on the official website

Frequently Asked Questions on miracle smile (Miracle Smile Reviews)

How does Miracle Smile eliminate both plaque and tartar?

With ultrasonic technology, this device combines high-frequency vibrations at a rate of up to 12,000 vibrations a minute which helps users to eliminate unwanted buildup on their enamel. The precision offered by this pick allows users to get into areas that might be hard to reach between teeth.

Is the Miracle Smile safe for use?

Yes. Using medical-grade alloy steel with food-safe silicone, users can use this device as often as they brush their teeth to keep their teeth and gums healthy. This material is not prone to germs, though the device should be cleaned every day to reduce the risk of contamination and to ensure its effectiveness.

How frequently should consumers use the Miracle Smile?

This device should be used daily to get the best results, though the creators recommend that users brush their teeth first to eliminate all of the debris that they can. Then, the Miracle Smile can exclusively focus on clearing out the leftover particles.

How do users clean their Miracle Smile between sessions?

When the user is done with their treatment, they need to rinse off the Miracle Smile and completely dry it. Users who need to give it a deeper cleaning can use soap as well, though users should not submerge the Miracle Smilein water. It also should be cleaned with harsh chemicals to protect it from deterioration.

Miracle Smile Consumer Reports  (Miracle Smile Reviews)

  • My daughter used to have bruises after brushing with previous plaque removers. I thought it was a problem with her gums. Thankfully I was wrong. Miracle Smile proved me wrong. – Theresa
  • I love the blue glow when I go brushing after dinner. I don’t need my lamp around. The illumination from Miracle Smile is enough to light up the space in my mouth. – Camilla
  • Dug and dug for a plaque remover compatible with my sensitive teeth. Luckily, I found one. Thanks to Miracle Smile. – Millicent
  • Miracle Smile is the right plaque remover for all. I’ve not heard otherwise because it feels so good to the teeth. -James


Oral health is essential to our overall health. Bacteria ingested with food can get to the blood and cause issues that affect our overall wellbeing.

This inspired the manufacture of Sonic Glow Pick, a revolutionary electric plaque remover that combines high-frequency vibrations and adjustable power to improve oral health.

It is a portable electric plaque remover with DIY functionality. Several customer reviews are in favor of the product as being genuine. Interestingly, Miracle Smile is budget-friendly and comes with a discount offer of 50%.

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