Minimize the damage and reduce the incident response time with Incident Response Retainer service

incident response time

Incident Response Retainer is a proactive outsourcing service for quickly and effectively dealing with an incident. It is an agreement you make with a service provider to have them with you when you have a data security breach or an incident. 

Incident Response Time

The service vendor provides the client with a team of security experts, their techniques, and tools. Having an incident response team on standby minimizes the duration and impact of a cyber-security breach, and eliminates costly delays with a pre-arranged contract. Read below to find out about more benefits of the service.

Business benefits

Proactive approach 

With Incident Response Retainer (IRR) as a component of a proactive approach to cybersecurity, you can prepare and protect your business before the incident occurs. With a capable team, you can get ahead of the attackers in many cases. The pause for business might be fatal. But previous preparedness allows to keep business continuity, stay trustworthy and keep a reliable reputation. A proactive way of thinking saves money. Also is essential not to forget, nowadays businesses are responsible for an abundance of valuable data. Valuable directly for the company or for involved people or organizations. So, when you do actions for your own security – you protect involved parties.

Optimized cybersecurity  

With IRR, cybersecurity experts will improve the company security with a strategic incident response plan created, taking into account the peculiarities of your company. 

Security experts will come to the rescue

Mostly, companies don’t have significant experience in dealing with cybersecurity incidents; that’s why they may not be ready to be a worthy opponent. With incident response retainer, the business has access to the team of well-experienced security experts, providing their independent assessment of the incident. If you have a good service provider, security experts will be dealing with an incident with the most appropriate ways to minimize the damage. Integrate emerging technologies evaluate your security posture, and improve your current incident readiness and response capabilities. 

Reducing the incident response time

The incident response retainer vendors discover the environment of the client’s company to see the features and apply a personal approach. Understanding the business and technical environment, security experts could respond immediately if a breach occurs.

Structure the IRR to fit your organization’s needs

The Incident Response Retainer (IRR) allows you to establish terms and conditions for incident response services in advance. Service providers present a few types of incident response retainers, so you can choose the most convenient one. In general, two types of IRR can be distinguished. Their main difference is the payment method. 

  • In the first option, you have no financial commitment or annual cost payment. You will pay when the data breach investigation starts. Charges are incurred on a time and materials basis upon declaration of an incident.
  • In the second option, the client pays in advance for the block of prepaid incident response hours of the team of experts and receives more benefits. The advantage of paying in advance is usually a faster response from the provider’s team (this should also be written out in the agreement). Also, paying in advance, providers charge it at a discounted hourly rate. Unused prepaid hours of the cybersecurity team are flexible to be repurposed on various technical and strategic services within the contract term.

In both types you get the service with transparent pricing so you get tangible value and clearly understand what you are paying for.

Agreed SLA

When a cyber-attack happens, time is money. One of the main perks of an Incident Response Retainer is a fixed response time crafted for your organization. 

 signed service-level agreement

With a signed service-level agreement with an incident response retainer (IRR) provider, you will know how fast the help comes. Service provider response in accordance with the agreed SLA for your organization. 

Obviously, that you want to do what is best for your company. The best for its protection and for financial situation. With IRR your business will be under reliable guard. And all money you spend will return to you as in-time protection or as a source for building protection against future attacks. 

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