‘Miners should make more money, and we know how to make it happen’ — emcd., Top-10 Mining Pool

One of the leading mining pools offers a holistic solution to raise miners’ profits: emcd. Cyberbank, a cyberbank with a range of services for efficient digital asset management ‘without additional costs’ and with additional profit.

Mining in 2023 is still a great source of revenue, but rising commissions and growing difficulties in the mining process can lead to serious issues and even profit losses for miners. That’s why one of the largest pools in the world is launching its own ecosystem, not just for mining, but for asset management, too, from commission-free funds withdrawals to investment tools with up to 12% per annum. 

‘Miners should make more money, and we know how to make it happen. We’re launching a cyberbank where miners will be able to fully manage their assets in a single app, without additional commissions and other costs.’

 — emcd. team

The company already showed its expertise on the market: in 5 years, emcd. made the journey from a small startup to a major pool that made it to the top-10 BTC mining pools in the world. 270,000 miners from 120 countries already use the platform, not in the least because of the small commission — just 1.5%.

What does emcd. offer?

The emcd. platform offers the full package of key mining and efficient asset management services in a single app. The clean-cut friendly interface will appeal even to users who just recently Googled what ‘mining on video cards’ even is, and the site and app features will satisfy any sophisticated investors.

Mining cryptocurrency with low commissions, storing coins with up to 12% per annum, and saving on withdrawals to fiat all comes inside one app:

  • One of the top-10 BTC mining pools in the world with a fixed 1.5% commission and no minimal withdrawal limit
  • Secure wallet with currency conversion and fiat withdrawal features 
  • Safe P2P platform with trusted partners 
  • A higher investment interest than in a bank — 12% per annum 
  • Live 24/7 support

This is truly an ecosystem with a full range of features, clean design, and high returns — all in a couple clicks.

Will there be mining in 2023?

And more importantly, is mining profitable in 2023, and what will happen with Bitcoin mining? emcd. has answers for experts and newbies alike. The platform’s official Telegram offers all the current updates — from fresh reviews and news to guides on how mining works in general. Following the project’s progress!


Commissions, equipment prices and general operating expenses keep growing, making it more and more difficult for independent miners to get started or even continue. But big pools strive to keep mining profitable and accessible for everyone, adapting to the changing market with new tools and approaches.

The holistic emcd. approach seems to be a sustainable solution for miners in the long run — regardless of what happens on the market, users will still enjoy having investment options, exchange tools, and other perks right where they mine. If pools were one of the most important early solutions in mining, it looks like miner-oriented neobanks like emcd. are the answer to the challenges miners face today.

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