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MindStir Media Brings The Power Of Billboard Advertising To Books

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. Yes, Billboard advertising works, even today when it seems that every form of marketing is happening online. This is not just a speculation but a hard fact that has been proven by the associate professor of marketing Jusuf Zekiri in his 2019 study where he said “Consumers agree that billboard advertising is important and has an impact on consumer purchase decisions.”

Now, successful entrepreneur and best-selling author J.J.Hebert’s company MindStir Media has brought the same power of billboard advertising for books.

J.J.Hebert is an entrepreneur and Amazon’s best-selling author who has been featured in Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur. He offers amazing self-publishing services for authors through his company MindStir Media. The company also offers billboard advertising for books. 

“Among OOH advertising formats, billboards have the greatest reach in the United States. Around 80% of American consumers reported noticing a billboard advertisement. Now picture your book being advertised on a billboard. Not just any billboard, though. One is placed in Times Square, New York City, where it will be seen by thousands of people. The reach will be amazing, and the book will have great advertising among the readers,” said J.J.Hebert.

This approach is what J.J.Hebert did for his book, The Backwards K. With the help of billboard advertising; he was able to get thousands of impressions. He had further used the videos and pictures of the billboard for promotion on his social media accounts. The added exposure served as a great boost for the promotion of the book. Many authors saw this marketing approach, and now they want to use it for their books.

Billboard advertising has multiple advantages including: 

  • Because billboards are positioned in strategic locations near crossroads and major thoroughfares, people will always be staring at the impressive and eye-catching advertisement. People can choose to ignore a television ad or click on an Internet advertisement, but they cannot escape seeing the billboard.
  • There are billboards everywhere, so one can choose where they want to put their message. Use the position of the billboard to draw attention to the product. If you choose the right area, the ad can quickly reach a great number of people.
  • With just one kind of advertising, businesses can use billboards to connect with a wide range of consumers. A billboard enables one to reach a sizable portion of the diverse general public without investing additional time and resources in identifying and researching particular target consumer groups. It can also help one to find clients who they might not have thought would be interested in their business.

For the billboard advertisement in Times Square, a person will have to pay $3500. Thousands of people will be able to see the advertisement. The advertisement package includes:

  • Advertisement design of the billboard
  • Advertising on the billboard on one day during peak hours.
  • A New York City-based photographer will take pictures of the billboard and then provide the clients with two high-resolution pictures for marketing purposes.
  • A High-definition video of the billboard will be provided for use online.

 To learn more check the official article written by J.J.Hebert.

About Billboard Advertising by MindStir Media:

Billboard advertising by MindStir Media is a great way of reaching out to thousands of people at the same time. Led by renowned best-selling author J.J.Hebert, billboard advertising helps author advertise their books on billboards in Times Square. 

MindStir Media is an award-winning self-publishing company that assists authors from all walks of life with the self-publishing, marketing, and distribution of their books. They have experience with practically every genre of self-publishing books on Amazon and other retail sites. According to Penny Matters and BestTechie, MindStir Media is ranked first among self-publishing websites and is one of the finest self-publishing companies in the world. The company has also teamed with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and actress/author Mariel Hemingway.

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