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Min Hee-Jin Solana-based Meme Coin Project Launched

Min Hee-Jin Solana-based Meme Coin Project Launched

Amidst the ongoing management dispute between Korea’s Adore CEO Min Hee-jin and Hybe, the management company of BTS, an intriguing Solana-based meme coin project has emerged.

Meme coins are primarily issued around popular figures online and are predominantly used for entertainment purposes. 

While concerns about stability and volatility persist due to these characteristics, the meme coin market is expanding gradually alongside the recent surge in the cryptocurrency market, as seen by many. And then comes the MHJ project.

Known as the ‘Min Hee-jin Project,’ this initiative aims to build a community supportive of Min Hee-jin. With the token symbol $MHJ, a total of 8.8 billion tokens will be issued, with 70% allocated to sales and LP, 10% to holder airdrops, 10% to CEX/marketing, and 10% to community rewards.

The holder airdrop will occur automatically in an entertaining manner only when Min Hee-jin officially certifies the project. Additionally, there are plans to distribute airdrops to holders in the future through NFT issuance.

This project is anticipated to have a significant impact on the market with its unique approach in the meme coin sector. Already, ownership REVOKE and AUDIT assessments have been successfully completed, along with a presale targeting the whitelist.

$MHJ coin is considered a unique project garnering substantial interest within the cryptocurrency community, showcasing significant potential in the meme coin sector. Those seeking more information are encouraged to explore the project’s social channels.

Min Hee-Jin Future Plans

As things move ahead, Min Hee-Jin lays out its plan. It moves through 3 phases. The first phase is as follows: Fairlaunch on Pink sale, followed up by launch. Dextools, Dexscreener trending, Community building, and CMC/CG Listing happen during the first phase. 

And then things move to the next stage of the project. The phase 2 follows as this: Post-Launch Marketing starts with this phase to take the project to the next stage. Moving on to 10,000 Holders target, Support MEME Culture, NFT Staking, and then finally moving towards top 20 CEX Listing.

This follows up with the 3rd phase of the Min Hee-Jin project. It starts with a bang, as the next target is CEX Listing in the top 10. After this DAO Voting follows up as well as the Ambassador announcement. Finally, it’s about MEME Takeover. All these things finally make up for the project’s initial goal to be achieved.

As these things are achieved during this roadmap, the project will further move to newer goals, to set itself for a grand move by scaling the project to a global level and allowing users the option for financial freedom.

Min Hee-Jin team is happy to inform the users that there will be a lot many events also taking place in the coming days, the team will be working on updating its plans in an attempt to take the project to heights not seen before or achieved before. To stay in tune with all the happening, events, and news regarding the project, users can follow the social handles. It will help everyone keep in touch with the possible happenings of the project. 

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