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Milou Sky spotlight

Milou Sky spotlight

When you hear the Milou Sky music, you are impressed with the great combination of 90s grunge, modern pop music and 60s rock. This is a band focused on innovation and constantly showing that some musical genres can work very well together. With that being said, you won’t identify the fact that the Milou Sky members are actually in their teens.

Yes, these teens managed to create music that’s not only versatile and a lot of fun, but also engaging and filled with lots of great content. The fact that they consistently bring in great music to the table is what really matters, and this band never gives up. It’s the reason why they continue pushing the boundaries and coming in with creative ideas all the time.

They acquired a lot of interesting ideas from The Beatles, but also modern musicians as well. And it worked, since they got in the top 30 of the alternative iTunes chart with their song Compromise recently. It’s a great way to see that regardless of your age and preparation, you can still deliver amazing music and outstanding content for fans.

Milou Sky is also very popular on social media right now. Due to the pandemic, the band had all their concerts canceled. As a result, they had to stay inside and create music. Which is what they are still doing, they are continually trying to find ways to make the experience better and better. They realized that due to the coronavirus lockdowns, it might take a while for them to get back on the road and interact with fans. Which is why they are now focused on engaging their audience on social media. Believe it or not, this works very well for them, since they managed to acquire 100K+ followers on Instagram.

On top of that, Milou Sky also posted their music on Soundcloud. They became so popular that they now have more than 2 million plays on the platform. It just goes to show the amazing benefits brought to the table and the incredible exposure they have from coming up with music that’s new, fresh and creative all the time.

Their work and the EP in particular shows that the band is evolving, and they still retain their focus on honoring old bands. The fact that they are young and like 60s rock is an advantage, because they are implementing in a very engaging and rewarding way.

Overall, it’s easy to see that Milou Sky has a bright future ahead of them. Unlike other bands that constantly focus on copying others, they do want to innovate and they are constantly pushing the boundaries to create something new and different. It’s amazing to see how focused they are on actually creating music that stands out, and the experience can be great in this situation. What you will like about them is definitely their versatility and true focus on delivering amazing music. Milou Sky will surely continue bringing in great music for years to come!

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