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Mike Poglese- Inspiring Countless People Through His Transformation

Mike Poglese launches Free99Leads System to help the coaches regain their lost asset: Time.

The Impact Of 90 Days On His Life

Mike Poglese is a young entrepreneur who observed the traction between coaches and their lack of time and decided to create a revolutionary system to break it. He started his entrepreneur journey in 2013 after being expelled from college due to unfortunate circumstances. After a series of harrowing ordeals, he raised his income to 6 figures in 2016.

In 2018, Mike created BrandBerry and executed a swift plan which further raised his income to 7 figures. However, the sunshine and happiness soon turned into mental health issues, the temptation to fame, and turbulence in relationships. In such times, other individuals surrender in front of hurdles in life but not Mike! He decided to rise up stronger and more influential than ever.

In order to explore the path of solace and happiness, Mike invested heavily in a prominent life coach. The coach brainstormed with Mike for 90 days and morphed him into an unrecognizable entity. The new Mike Poglese, was more content with his life, working towards his dreams and practicing healthy life habits like meditation, NLP, and morning routines. Hence, emerged the idea for the Free99Leads system.

Mike triumphed over triflous worries and realized that for a sense of fulfillment he has to build his business consistently without being subsided from his goals or treating it as a side hustle. He shares, “In 90 days, I gained back over 30 hours per week and allocated that time towards the people I love. My fulfillment in life skyrocketed, and the results my clients saw did as well. Those 90 days shifted my perspective on life and completely brought back my purpose to this world. To impact as many individuals as I can in this lifetime.”

An Insight of the Free99Leads System

The Free99Leads system is an immaculate amalgamation of different courses, processes, and resources that will help influential coaches around the world in building their business online. The Free99Leads system will allow Mike to help millions of people all over the world indirectly. This business is the fruit of policy which states, ‘Taking consistent and persistent action’, It is now being converted into a full-fledged system for coaches and people.

The Free99System includes resources, tools, and support that will help one thrive through online business. The 3 components of this system include – The free99Leads App, the Free99Leads A.C.T.S Method, and Free99Leads 90 Day Shift. Mike’s vision has an estimation of helping more than 5000+ people and enabling more than 100 impact-driven coaches to reclaim their invaluable time. This new launch will definitely set him apart in the field of digital marketing.

Mike Poglese believes in never backing down and being consistent in whatever he does. His aspiration stems from his determination to be distinct from the competitors by going the extra mile for his work. His new creation is an after-product of all his trials and tribulations that helped him raise his business to a 7 figure. The methods and system are a result of actions and quick recognition of opportunities. Check out his instagram here – Mike Poglese (Instagram)

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