Midas.Investments: A Hybrid CeDeFi Approach Gaining Traction

One of the most difficult aspects of managing crypto investments is keeping track of the volatility while seeking optimal returns on those investments. As crypto doesn’t sleep, ever-changing asset prices mean that without a dedicated investment team to monitor the space, an investor will find it difficult to time the market and maximize profits. 

Midas.Investments is an innovative crypto investments management platform that provides individuals and organizations with premium returns through an array of investment options. Using a unique blend of high-yield generation from DeFi protocols built on a centralized infrastructure, Midas has created CeDeFi solutions that are making waves in the crypto investment space.

10,000+ Active Investors and $200M+ in Assets Under Management

Midas.Investments currently manages more than $200 million of digital assets for its 10,000+ active investors seeking to earn the highest yields in the CeFi space. Midas’ alignment of Cefi and Defi has positioned it as a capable asset management option for venture capitalists, family funds, and other institutional portfolios. Experiencing significant growth from year-end 2021 when assets under management stood at near $50 million, current figures serve as a testament to Midas’ sophisticated approach toward a niche market that is often overlooked by the average investor. 

Large-scale investors such as family funds or venture capital firms interested in earning premium returns in the crypto space will find yields offered on traditional CeFi platforms too low and not worth the risk. Midas’ CeDeFi approach to crypto investments bridges its centralized structure with DeFi strategies to offer superior yields to its investors – yields well in excess of those offered by traditional CeFi lenders.

Midas’ investment team provides investors with yields on par with DeFi-based returns but in a centralized manner, removing the investor’s onerous burden of round-the-clock portfolio management required in the DeFi space. The result is an innovative product that continues to gain immense traction as investors continue to flock to its platform. Midas’ team now manages more than $200 million worth of digital assets on a daily basis. This number is set to substantially increase with a planned Round A investment that will see significant backing and clientele.

A Suite of Investment Options Built on Liquid Positions

Midas.Investments has created three distinct investment options allowing investors to select strategies closely aligned with their risk tolerances and return hurdles. And best of all: Midas’ investment strategies leave it with a portfolio that’s 95% liquid, giving investors confidence that they may withdraw at any time without fear of assets being locked up or restricted.  

The simplest of these strategies is single asset staking (the FIxed Yield Strategy). Investors may stake large cap digital assets, such as BTC, ETH, and USDC, and generate yields significantly better than what’s offered on traditional CeFi platforms. For example, investors can earn up to 12.1% APY on BTC and 17.6% on stablecoins such as USDC and USDT. Midas’ offered yield on stablecoins of 17.6% is significantly better than what can be found in mainstream DeFi and CeFi mainstream staking, where yields typically hover under 10%.

Investors looking for a diversified approach may be interested in Midas’ Yield Automated Portfolios (YAPs), the shares of which include a basket of crypto assets that is rebalanced monthly to offer optimal returns to investors. This diversification gives investors exposure to several digital assets without the hassle of buying each one individually. 

Midas’ latest offering, the Complex DeFi Strategy, offers innovative investment vehicles in mid-to-high risk digital assets. These strategies are tailored to investors looking for a higher risk-return profile. These strategies are aimed at generating returns superior to the Fixed Yield Strategy and YAPs, however, as with any higher risk-return product, this strategy may also result in negative returns. 

Building for the Future

The strength of Midas.Investments lies in its dynamic leadership and agile investment team. What began as a two-man outfit in 2018 has exploded into a full-fledged team of more than 40 professionals. Midas continues to expand its team with the recent additions of an experienced DeFi analyst and asset manager, further strengthening its leadership. Its CeDeFi approach provides for the highest APYs in the CeFi space, and the platform continues to attract individuals and institutions looking to diversify their portfolios in high-yield crypto products while leaving the management to an experienced team.

Midas’ CeDeFi approach is a force to be reckoned with as its investment team can properly mix and match multiple strategies to deliver premium returns to its investors. Whether investors are looking for a conservative investment approach with market-leading yields or a riskier approach with the possibility of even higher yields, there’s a product for everyone at Midas.Investments.


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