Microsoft, Mlytics Partner To Scale AI Capabilities And Improve Web Performance

Web Performance

Leading tech platform, Mlytics, announces partnership with Microsoft to improve web performance, resiliency, and user experience with enhanced AI capabilities

Mlytics has established a strategic partnership with Microsoft as the platform seeks to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to scale its AI capabilities. Mlytics is the first and the true Multi CDN solution provider with a reputation for utilizing AI to optimize Multi CDN orchestration with its Smart Load Balancer. Mlytics has the largest Multi CDN marketplace in the world, providing real-time performance analytics for over 16 leading CDNs across the globe, including the China region.

The Microsoft-Mlytics partnership will see both companies working together to promote the Mlytics platform globally. Mlytics is also currently available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace for the ecosystem to leverage the Mlytics / Microsoft power for optimizing and augmenting the efficiency and effectiveness of cloud delivery and performance.

It has become imperative to improve the global digital experience as the online population continues to grow amidst the emergence of a plethora of platforms. In a related development, the demand for digital delivery in retails, education, healthcare, and entertainment has witnessed a significant rise in recent times. Consequently, businesses are required to improve the efficiency and resiliency of the content delivery strategies, which is where Mlytics is looking to be of help as substantiated by the partnership with Microsoft.

Businesses can no longer cope with downtimes as they translate into customer attrition and loss of revenue. Therefore, Mlytics aims to ensure that operations are always ongoing by continuously improving its strategies to detect and route to the best performing CDN in real-time. The platform also detects and mitigates potential DDoS attacks as well as prevents outages. The strategies require robust and scalable AI technology, further reiterating the importance of the decision to choose Microsoft as its AI cloud computing partner, and Azure Machine Learning as a key part of Mlytics’ AI strategies.

Features Of The Microsoft-Mlytics Partnership

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning has maintained agility, scalability, and security at its core, aligning to support Mlytics’ strategies. Azure Machine Learning is optimized for empowering developers to build, deploy, and manage high-quality ML models rapidly. It also supports the team at Mlytics to continuously innovate and reach new heights.

Azure DDoS Protection is designed to provide always-on monitoring and automatic network attack mitigation. The application layer protection includes adaptive tuning based on platform insights in Azure. It has recorded huge successes over the years, including stopping the biggest-ever DDoS attack at a massive 3.47 terabytes (Tbps) per second recently.

There is also the Azure Load Balancer, with the capacity to distribute the internet and private network traffic with high performance and low latency. The solution helps businesses to instantly scale their application. Its cross-region load balancer in preview enables geo-redundant High Availability scenarios such as incoming traffic originating from multiple regions, instant global failover to the next optimal regional deployment, and the ability to scale up/down behind a single endpoint, amongst others.

Microsoft and Mlytics have a common goal of improving web performance, resiliency, and user experience through smart Multi CDN orchestration.

For further information about Mlytics and the solutions following the platform’s partnership with Microsoft, visit – Mlytics can also be found across social media, including FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

About Mlytics

Mlytics was founded in 2017 by Ryan Chin, to build a faster, safer, and more reliable internet world while providing transparency, flexibility, choice, and customer control. The technology platform helps businesses to achieve better website and application-level SLA, resiliency, and security through a leading, next-generation Multi-CDN architecture infrastructure, featuring four categories of products – Digital Experience Monitoring, Experience Delivery Platform, Services Orchestrations, and Origin Shield. Mlytics thrives to innovate on behalf of customers to provide a better digital experience in the cloud and has been officially recognized by Gartner as a specialty-focused CDN vendor in 2021.

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