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Microsoft Az-900 Exam Prep Guide

Hi everyone, if you are preparing for the 2022 AZ-900 or Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification exam and want to pass it on your first attempt.

The way you study for the test affects how well you perform on the test. So, if you want to pass the AZ-900 certification exam, you must study a lot. If you want to pass the exam the first time, you need to use the right study resources.

1. Microsoft Documentation

It’s important to distinguish between the Microsoft Documentation site and the Microsoft Learning Portal, as each section contains a different Learning page. Use the Microsoft Azure documentation pages to find pages dedicated to Azure fundamentals.

Key foundational topics covered in the Microsoft Documentation site include agility, disaster recovery, resiliency, fault tolerance, high availability, and scalability, all of which are essential components of any cloud ecosystem.

2. Microsoft Learning Platform

All of the company’s exams and certifications are administered on the Microsoft website. A list of all Microsoft certificates can be found on the Microsoft Learning page. You should start preparing for the AZ-900 exam from the exam-specific page on this website.

The portal contains information that can be found and checked, such as: and other information.

3. Instructor-led training

When preparing for the Microsoft Azure certification test, it’s best to connect to instructor-led courses through the Microsoft Learning site. “Course AZ-900T01-A: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals” is the name of the Microsoft AZ-900 dumps exam training program. The basic topics in this study guide are the same as those in the AZ-900 test syllabus.

4. Study Groups and Forums

You can find study groups for most Azure role-based tests on the Microsoft Learning website. However, the AZ-900 test did not have access to this facility. There are several reputable forums offering training material and sample tests. You can use these forums to ask all your questions about Azure services and solutions.

5. Practical test of AZ-900

Practice tests are one of the best ways to improve your learning because they are the best way to find out how much you know and how good you are at something. For AZ-900 exam prep, there are several sources that provide legitimate exam dumps. You can get practice tests or sample papers from various places to help you with your studies, but you should not use brain dumps.

6. Ebooks, Analytical Reports and White Papers

Most students often ignore references when studying for the AZ-900 test. However, you have to check out eBooks, analyst reports, and white papers, all of which are stuff that Microsoft puts out. These websites provide access to a wealth of information about Azure.

final judgment

I hope this article was informative and that you can easily prepare for the AZ-900 test using our learning resources. If you have any questions, please mention it in the comments section. thank you very much

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