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Michael Romero Discusses Leveraging Aesthetics for Success with Sens

Branding plays such a significant role in a business’s success and yet is frequently overlooked by a large proportion of companies. Branding is the means through which your company’s identity and personality can be conveyed to existing and potential customers, and is even more vital now in the age of social media than ever before.

SENS Candle Co is a luxury candle brand that has taken the importance of branding to heart with the release of its range of eco-friendly and incredibly intense smelling candles. Michael Romero, the creator of the Miami-based candle brand, draws upon his extensive experience in this area to produce branding that is focused on visuals and which leverages aesthetics. This article will discuss the importance of branding to a company’s success, as well as the role that visuals play in this endeavor and Michael’s use of aesthetics in SENS’s branding.

The Importance of Branding

As mentioned earlier, in the age of social media, branding is more important now than ever before as consumers are presented with an exponential number of fresh brands on a daily basis. While this does provide a benefit of choice to consumers, it makes it more difficult for businesses that now require branding in order to at least remain competitive.

Furthermore, due to the sheer saturation of markets, businesses must be looking to stand out with their branding if they intend to grab their customers’ attention and differentiate themselves from the swathes of competition they are faced with in today’s world. This is because of the power of strong branding to lodge a business in their customers’ minds.

Unmemorable and incohesive branding makes it that much harder for a customer to remember a business. By contrast, implementing consistent colors, logos, and other visual attributes creates an overall personality for a business that the value of is difficult to quantify. What is known is that this has a profound tendency to elevate your company above the competition and help customers remember your products, even where they aren’t immediately ready to purchase.

As a result of this, effective branding has the effect of garnishing your business with a veneer of trust, which is one of the most precious resources a business can gain from its customers. This is true to the point that, in this day and age, many people will view businesses without branding with caution and even skepticism.

The Role of Visuals

Visual branding is one of the most important pillars of a company’s marketing strategy. This term refers to elements such as the logo, colors, or font a business opts for in order to represent itself. These attributes work in tandem with one another to create a holistic ‘feel’ for a company’s brand.

Visuals play several key roles in a company’s branding. Firstly, they introduce customers to a business and provide them with expectations of its products or services. The next thing it does is convey a personality for your brand in a way that enables audiences to make an emotional connection to it.

Lastly, visual elements are excellent unifiers of all other aspects of a company’s brand through the use of consistent colors, logos, or images. This all helps in building an unspoken positive impression for customers that they unconsciously connect with your business.

Michael Romero’s Experience

Michael Romero leverages all the experience he has developed by providing visual branding material to jewelry giant Miansai over the course of seven years. Working as a commercial photographer, Romero was responsible for producing these visuals that would evoke a certain ‘feeling’ within customers about the company while also developing its personality.

Having launched SENS, Romero brings all these skills to the new company to immediately invigorate it with a strong brand and the visuals to match. By focusing on this from the getgo, SENS is expected to continue its trend of growth in the candle market as it backs up this marketing with a strong product – the most intense smelling candle available.

Closing Remarks

The future bodes well for SENS’s range of luxury, eco-friendly candles. Not only does the product demonstrate significant inherent value, but it also has the marketing and branding to inform consumers of such. For more information on SENS’s line of candles, feel free to refer to their Instagram.

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