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Michael Osland Talks About the Crucial Technologies for a Small Business

Michael Osland

The new-age technology has impacted every aspect of our current life! And as a small business owner, chances are you do use several tech tools in your life says Michael Osland. Are you leveraging the complete power of technology in your life? If not, then you must!

Technology can streamline multiple business functions. It saves time, money and even energy. It’s not required to operate a cutting-edge technology organization to be at an advantage from such gadgets. The small businesses that make use of digital advancements can earn more revenue per employee. They can also witness higher revenue growth rates and have more than average employment growth.

Yours could be a freelancing event management company or a flower shop. According to Michael Osland, you can always benefit from the following technologies.

  1. Customer relationship management

Irrespective of your business, the success depends on the customers. It would help if you came up with leads and then convert them to paying the clients to profit. A CRM (customer relationship management) tool is usually cloud-based and enables you to manage the business relationships with existing consumers and probable leads. You can make use of your CRM to enhance usage growth, decrease marketing expenses and improve lead conversion. You can select several tools, enabling you to choose the product that best caters to your business type and size.

  1. The payment processing system

It is an essential business function across every industry. And as a small business owner, you might wish to make it simpler for accepting various payment choices for the customers. It frees up the frustration and enhances your business says Michael Osland. If the customers can’t pay using their choicest method, they can move elsewhere. Simply put, the payment processing system enables you to prioritize consumer convenience by making way for various payment choices, such as credit card terminals and online payment gateways.

  1. The cyber security solution

Online tools can make our modern-day life simpler. However, it also gives birth to new threats. Cybersecurity is a severe concern for the business owners. It would help if you made sure critical business data must stay protected. You might also need to secure customer data, like the payment details. The data security solutions secure the integrity of the tech tools and systems from online attacks. The mobile devices, computers, servers, and USD drivers all should stay secure. The correct security safeguards the business data and the finances against threats and cyberattacks.

Finally, it’s essential for small businesses to opt-in for a project management platform says Michael Osland. It is necessary to keep track of multiple project deadlines and deliverables when you want your business to succeed. It makes sure that there is timely delivery of services and goods, that is essential for client satisfaction. Managing various projects might get tricky, when there are many people involved. And when you have to work remotely things get challenging. The project management software is your solution. There are advanced tools that enable you to check who is working at a project and assess their progress.

These are some of the essential technologies that small businesses should keep clued in to. It will help them to arrange their project and business flow better.


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