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Michael Osland- 17 Steps to Take Before You Start a Business

Michael Osland

Michael Osland asks are you thinking about starting your own business? That’s great!

But before you jump in, there are a few things you should do first.

1. Do your research.

Before you start anything, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re well-informed about the industry you’re entering. Talk to people who are already in the business, read books and articles, and attend trade shows and other events.

2. Write a business plan.

A business plan is essential for any new business. It will help you map out your goals, operations, and finances.

3. Choose the right legal structure.

When you’re starting a business, you’ll need to choose the right legal structure. This will determine things like how you’re taxed and what kinds of licenses and permits you’ll need.

4. Choose a business name.

Your business name is important for branding and marketing purposes, so take some time to come up with a good one.

5. Register your business.

Once you’ve settled on a name, you’ll need to register your business with the state. This usually involves filing some paperwork and paying a fee says Michael Osland.

6. Get a tax ID number.

You’ll need a tax identification number in order to pay taxes on your business income.

7. Open a business bank account.

It’s important to keep your personal and business finances separate, so open a business bank account and get a business credit card.

8. Get the right insurance.

There are many different types of insurance out there, and you’ll need to make sure you have the right coverage for your business. 9. Comply with licensing and permit requirements.

Depending on your industry, you may need to get a license or permit in order to operate your business.

10. Find the right location.

Your business location will need to meet certain zoning requirements and should be convenient for your customers or clients.

11. Set up your office or workspace.

If you’re going to have customers or clients coming to your business, you’ll need to make sure you have a professional-looking office or workspace.

12. Invest in marketing.

Michael Osland says you’ll need to let people know about your business, so invest some time and money in marketing efforts like advertising, PR, and social media.

13. Hire employees.

If you’re going to be growing your business, you’ll eventually need to hire employees. Start by writing job descriptions and posting them online.

14. Train your employees.

Once you’ve hired some staff, you’ll need to train them on your company’s policies and procedures.

15. Set up accounting and bookkeeping.

You’ll need to keep track of your finances, so set up accounting and bookkeeping from the start. This will make tax time much easier.

16. Get organized with business software.

There are all sorts of business software programs out there that can help you stay organized and efficient. Choose the ones that are right for you and your business explains Michael Osland.

17. Stay up to date on industry trends.

Make sure you’re always aware of what’s going on in your industry so you can make changes to your business as necessary.

There you have it! These are 17 important steps to take before starting your own business. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to success.


1. What are some things I should do before starting my own business?

You should research the industry you’re interested in, write a business plan, choose the right legal structure, choose a business name, and register your business with the state. You should also get a tax ID number, open a business bank account, get the right insurance, and comply with any licensing or permit requirements.

2. How do I choose the right legal structure for my business?

The type of legal structure you choose for your business will determine things like how you’re taxed and what kinds of licenses and permits you’ll need. Talk to a lawyer or accountant to help you decide which type of legal structure is right for you.


There are many things to consider before starting your own business says Michael Osland. By doing your research and planning ahead, you’ll be in a much better position for success. Good luck!


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