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Michael Lynch Shares Realtor Networking Tips

Michael Lynch Shares Realtor Networking Tips

To make things happen in the real estate sector, you must establish relationships with the right people. That’s why nurturing your networking skills is super-important. Michael Lynch, an experienced realtor in Gaston County, NC, says widening your network makes it easier to learn from others and find leads.

However, expanding your professional circles may be a bit challenging when you’re starting out. Also, you may struggle to leverage your contacts to find the right leads. Because of this, connect with contacts who are more likely to give you real value. That means don’t just connect for the sake of networking and building the numbers.

In business, it’s no secret that not all contacts are equal. Some yield better results than others for your real estate business. The best part is that there are several ways to pick the best contacts and get the most out of the relationships. On the upside, you can score big by attending business events and optimizing your interpersonal skills. And being a good listener can make a huge difference.

Here’s what Michael Lynch says you should do to expand your realtor network.

Be Active Online

A significant portion of your networking activities takes place online. Overlooking digital spaces as a source of lucrative meetups can be costly. Lynch emphasizes the need to look beyond in-person interactions since today’s world revolves around digital platforms. Social media and websites provide channels to connect with relevant people.

Many realtors find contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These social platforms are ideal for professional networking. Michael recommends sharing your expertise and promoting properties online. Doing so improves your online visibility, creating opportunities for relevant people to discover you and connect.

Pinterest is perfect for showcasing your properties. Meanwhile, LinkedIn and Facebook host many groups focused on real estate – joining these formations is prudent. 

Join a Realtor Association

Signing up for an association allows you to discover other professionals involved in real estate. These groups make it easier to learn about the latest industry trends. Many realtors generate highly qualified leads from these in-person interactions.

Some associations organize events that allow realtors to get involved in the local community. You’re more likely to identify lucrative contacts as you meet and greet a wide selection of local people. 

Attend Local Events 

It’s vital to gather a list of local events that can help you establish relationships with the right people. Conferences, open houses, and mixers provide ideal platforms to mingle with potential professional contacts. Keep your business cards handy when attending these events

While you’re at these events, be on the lookout for opportunities to chat with people— kickstart conversations during breaks between speakers or at a booth on the exhibit floor. Michael says to avoid sitting next to people you already know unless it’s absolutely necessary. Also, arrive early to increase your networking chances before and after speeches.

But don’t forget to strike up conversations naturally. A good way to do this is by talking about what’s happening at the event. While you’re at it, loosen up and smile a bit more.


Michael Lynch has been active in the real estate sector for a while now. Outside of work, he’s passionate about motoring and fishing. He also gets involved in charity, something that allows him to give back to his beloved local community.

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