Michael Gord: “We are Seeing a Powerful Shift Towards Decentralization”

DigitalBits (XDB) added to Messari Registry and XDB Foundation’s Managing Director shares insights on what to expect in Q4 2020.

One of the leading crypto data companies Messari announced today that it is adding DigitalBits (XDB) and Branded Currencies to its registry.  The XDB Foundation and Messari are also looking into collaboration to build a novel registry, which could accommodate branded currencies tokenized on DigitalBits.

In his recent address to the DigitalBits community, XDB Foundation’s Managing Director Michael Gord made note of “significant printing of fiat currencies around the world,” amidst growing uncertainty for the dollar in the future.  Gord also spoke of a noticeable shift towards decentralization within the exchange sector and stablecoins that has been happening in recent months. “Under these circumstances, the activity of stablecoins is growing exponentially and users are finally seeing the value of holding autonomy over their assets,” said Gord.

Michael Gord

XDB Foundation Managing Director Michael Gord

While the world economic climate has not been favorable to investors in general, it has not significantly impacted the roadmap of the XDB Foundation or DigitalBits.  Last month, the XDB Foundation joined the World Stablecoin Association as the only branded currency participant, and integrated XDB into RiveX’s RX Wallet. Additionally, the XDB Foundation has established partnerships with several capital markets firms, such as Enzo Villani’s Alpha Sigma Capital and 12 Peers Capital Market.  They have also launched initiatives to facilitate community participation, notably the XDB Ambassador Program.

In August, Gord represented the XDB Foundation at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Summit in Monaco, one of the largest gatherings of private wealth, as the only speaker with interests in alternative digital assets. 

Gord also said that DigitalBits mainnet is slated for launch in Q4 of this year, and hinted at many upcoming partnerships with capital groups and development teams. “We plan to broaden our Ambassador program, which is going to attract more participants to the community,” he said.  The XDB Foundation executive has also promised to deliver on a “major milestone” that would be quintessential to the project’s development in the upcoming months.

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