MICEMedia: The NFT Project Disrupting Big Tech’s Dominance Over Media

Since the dawn of the user-focused internet, we have all learned that the one who holds the cheese calls the shots. Current media giants like Facebook and Twitter have a vast monopoly on the data market, as these platforms bank on the fact that most users will not likely stop using the platforms due to peer pressure or social necessity.

This puts the power in the hands of a very small number of people, who often use it to manipulate and herd the public according to their inclinations. But what if there was an alternative? What if we could create a new system that was decentralized, puts the user first, and gave everyone not only a voice but a fair chance to be heard?

Enter MICEMedia: A network and syndication that reflects the coalition of ideas from the community, emerging as the first decentralized Web3 media empire.

Differences Between MICEMedia And Current Media Platforms

To comprehend why the MICE movement is of such great significance, it is first necessary to understand the inherent flaws of centralized media.

Current Media Platforms

The media as we know it is currently very centralized. A small number of people have a large amount of self-appointed authority over what content is created and distributed. This often leads to censorship, manipulation, and a lack of transparency or what we otherwise deem as cancel culture. MICEMedia plans to disrupt this paradigm by deploying a decentralized network that is powered by the community; governed by the MICE, not the man.

Characteristics of centralized media

  • Censorship
  • Manipulation
  • Lack of transparency/accountability
  • Biased content
  • Data monetization and control
  • Governing bodies with a financial incentive or agenda.

Decentralized Media Explained

The governance system is how MICEMedia achieves a platform with decentralized media distribution.

The network will not rely on centralized platforms to distribute its media but rather on media that is aggregated through unfiltered content like community editorial and commentary pieces, news story sequences, and community influencer contributions. In other words, the MICE holders run the platform instead of a governing body. All decisions are made by the community, and no one can censor or manipulate the content. All content on MICEMedia will be owned by the creators.

MICEMedia content will be focused on the ‘New-Cons’- a generation of right-leaning individuals that revolve around the consensus issues of ‘uncensored’ rights, freedom of speech, and logical values.

The media for NewCons embraces adjusted-traditional viewpoints; with a focus on current news, de-fi, crypto, blockchain technology, sports, and pop culture. As a decentralized media network, MICEMedia is the antithesis of ‘Woke Media’ as it embraces uncensored content and gives all the MICE contributors a channel that allows freedom of expression but remains impartial and neutral as a network.

Characteristics of decentralized media

  • Community-owned
  • Uncensored content
  • No central governing body
  • Content is focused on adjusted-traditional viewpoints
  • Freedom of speech and expression without getting ‘cancelled’.

Why Is This Change Necessary? 

The centralized media landscape is broken and in need of a major change. The user base has become disgruntled with the lack of freedom, censorship, and manipulation that takes place on centralized platforms. MICEMedia gives power back to the user with a decentralized network that is built by the community. 

This revolution brought upon by MICEMedia is important because it offers a new way for people to consume news, interact, contribute, and shape the direction for the new age of media.

It is a network based on the principles of a decentralized network owned by the community and the decentralized distribution of media. The MICEMedia network will be a place where people can come to share their ideas without fear of censorship or manipulation, contrary to the nature of the media giants we know today.

What Are The Catalysts For Decentralized Media? 

As we are amidst the information age, individuals are becoming more aware of the injustices being done toward them as a result of being pressured to use centralized platforms on a daily basis. This widespread disillusionment has made media users aware of the power of community and collective action to counteract the monopoly that Big Tech has over us by controlling and monetizing our data. Media users are tired of being force-fed with fear and sensationalism in attempts to maximize engagement, interest, and word-of-mouth driven by shock. The problem is that these are private companies and they have relatively free reign over what they do and how they do it.

Do The People Want This?

There is no doubt that decentralization is the future, and it is our belief that soon, users will place greater value on their privacy and address the concerns that go hand-in-hand with centralized media networks, thereby making decentralized media networks the new norm.

No longer will our creative freedom in the media be governed by financial incentives or agendas. The time has come for a MICE infestation; a digital army fighting for freedom of speech and community collaboration.

Final Word

Through a balanced blend of community content, aggregated sourcing, radio network syndication, and guest contributions, MICEMedia will soon be the leading platform for uncensored media on the blockchain.

To join MICEMedia in their movement to disrupt woke media and cancel cancel-culture, get in touch with the team here:

Website  Twitter  Discord ‘The Trap’

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