Methods Of Embedding the Latest YouTube Videos On Your Website

Methods Of Embedding the Latest YouTube Videos On Your Website

Making the video is only half the process, if you’re a YouTuber you already know this. YouTube can play a part in growing your business because it is the largest video-sharing platform and search engine for videos. For your brand, showcasing your YouTube video on your website assist you grow your business and reach more customers. To embed YouTube video on your website require a little creativity.

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly users because these videos reach more than 74% of adults. This is the reason behind the use of this social media platform by marketers or business owners so they can drive user interest. Without much more than the YouTube link, you can embed YouTube in WordPress. In this blog, we will show you the easiest way to embed YouTube videos on your website.

What Does Embed Video Mean?

The simple meaning of embedding is copying a single line of code from one website and pasting it onto another platform. From its source, this code displays the video. When you embed a video and play it within the platform the code will load to the video at the source you’re using. To showcase the video, you don’t need to host the file with the help of it. To help it load faster, embed YouTube videos saves file space and permits you to share content.

Why Do You Need To Embed Youtube Video On A Website?

According to more than 50% of marketing strategists, video content has the highest Rate Of Interest. Adding YouTube videos to your website will drive users’ attention to your website. To create more engagement content using personalizable video templates, you can add your viewpoint to other’s video content. For example, news websites, movie review sites, and radios will put movie trailer videos into their article then it will not only makes the article interesting but it also attract more visitors.

Advantages Of Embedding YouTube Video On Website

The video content rules the social media or digital platforms but popularity isn’t enough to compel widespread adoption. These are some of the advantages of embedding YouTube videos on the website.

1. Increased User Engagement

When viewing videos, users of your site maintain more information than reading text in general. By creating compelling content this makes it possible to drive increased user engagement they’ll remember long after leaving your website. To increase engagement, YouTube also includes features such as playlists and sharing options.

2. Decrease User Frustration

To find the basics of your brand, if the users have to scroll through text or understand your value proposition there is a high chance that they won’t stay for long. As soon as users arrive, your embedded YouTube video provides a quick rundown of your site.

3. Improved Brand Connection

For a brand’s success, organic marketing is now an important part of the business. From brands or businesses, users want to buy products they trust. To connect visitors face-to-face video offers a way and help to customize your brand from the first moment as the visitors arrive.

4. Streamlined Storytelling

What you are doing differently from your competitors? This is the part about what your potential customers want to know. The well-structured written text can give a specific idea about your brand or business but the video content will have a greater impact that displays your passion and purpose.

Process Of Embedding YouTube Videos On Website

Follow the below-mentioned methods for the process of embedding YouTube videos into your website.

Method 1- By Using Social Media Aggregator Tool- Tagembed

With the help of the social media aggregator tool, Tagembed, you can easily embed YouTube videos on your website in simple steps.

Step 1- For Your Website, Aggregate YouTube Videos

a). Create the Tagembed account if you don’t have one or log in if you’re an existing user.

b). After logging in open the dashboard and create a widget otherwise, you’ll get a widget if you’re a new user.

c). As your content source, select YouTube.

d). In this appearing screen, select your preferred connection type.

e). Press the “Create Feed” button to see the aggregated videos in the YouTube widget editor.

Step 2- Personalize YouTube Widget

a). On the left side of the screen, press on “Personalize” button. You will get some customization tools for your YouTube widget. This will make your widget appealing and attractive.

Step 3- Fetch Embedding Code

a). Available on the right bottom corner of your screen, Press the “Embed Widget” button.

b). Select HTML as your preferred platform.

c). On your screen, you also have the option to make changes to the widgets. Copy the embed code from your YouTube HTML widget after making changes.

Step 4- Embed YouTube Widget on Website

a). After logging in to your admin account, head to the section where you want to embed the YouTube widget code.

b). Into the given action, paste the embedded code into the backend of your website.

c). After clicking on Save Changes, you are good to go.

Method 2- Embed YouTube Videos With The Video Block

By using WordPress video block you can add content to your website. Follow these easy steps.

Step 1- Copy the URL of the Video

From the YouTube channel, copy your preferred video’s URL.

Step 2- Choose the ‘+(Add Block)’ Option

Available at the top left side of your WordPress webpage, choose the ‘+’ icon. This will unlock a box that has all the blocks.

Step 3- Press On The Video Block Icon

From the ‘Common Blocks Section, press on the video block icon. By searching for videos on the block list, you can search the video block.

Step 4- Paste the URL of the Video

There is an ‘Insert From URL’ option available where you have to paste the YouTube video URL. Press on the Return button and this is how your video will be embedded into your WordPress website.

Method 3- Embed YouTube Videos With The YouTube Block

By using YouTube block in your WordPress website, you can embed YouTube playlist videos.

Step 1- Copy The URL Of The YouTube Video

From the top of your screen, you can copy the URL of your preferred video. You can also copy it by pressing the ‘Share’ option button.

Step 2- Choose the ‘+(Add Block)’ Option

From the top left side of your WordPress webpage, open your WordPress editor and choose the ‘+(Add Block)’ option. This will open a pop-up that contains all the available content blocks.

Step 3- Press The YouTube Block Button

Head to the “Embeds” area and press on the YouTube Block button. In the search box present on the block list, by simply searching it, you can add the YouTube block.

Step 4- Paste the URL of the Video

In the appearing box, you can paste the YouTube video URL. Choose the ‘Embed’ button next. Into the WordPress webpage or website, WordPress embeds your preferred YouTube video.

Final Note

There are countless advantages of embed YouTube videos on the website, from improving SEO to boosting user engagement. You can develop brand awareness, provide valuable insights, and increase conversion rates by making high-quality YouTube videos and adding them to your website. Start taking advantage of the aforementioned methods of embedding YouTube videos on your website.

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