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Metazoa Announces 16 Automated Org Management Solutions for Salesforce

Metazoa replaces expensive, manual, and time-consuming professional service engagements with an automated, consistent, and repeatable software process

Metazoa, developers of the Salesforce ecosystem’s top software toolset for org management, today announced the launch of its new automated Salesforce org management tools. The new tools are designed to help customers lower the cost and complexity of managing their Salesforce environments by automating complex tasks such as org splits, user cleanup, security optimization, and technical debt removal.

“Metazoa’s services are a cost-effective, convenient way for Salesforce customers to manage their orgs amid today’s economic headwinds and declining operational spend,” said Metazoa CEO Jennifer Mercer. “Implementing these solutions with professional services requires a significant investment in time, resources, and money. But by combining our powerful toolset with our vast experience, we eliminate those hurdles and help customers maintain proper org management practices without breaking the bank.”

By automating the Salesforce org management process, Metazoa’s new tools save Salesforce customers time and money by eliminating the need for additional staff or expensive global system integrators (GSI). The new tools also fill the void left by industry-wide downsizing and staff reductions.

“Our goal is to make it easy for companies to get the most out of their investment in Salesforce,” said Metazoa Chief Technology Officer Bill Appleton. “These new tools automate many of the tasks that are currently done manually, making it easier to manage Salesforce orgs and achieve consistently better results. Proper org management is vitally important, especially for Salesforce instances that have been operating for a few years.”

Metazoa’s new tools are designed to support Salesforce orgs of all sizes. Cloning a Salesforce org, cleaning up inactive users, moving from profiles to permission sets, and removing technical debt can be extremely challenging. These tasks require extensive Salesforce knowledge and an in-depth understanding of Salesforce data and metadata. These tasks also require a suite of tools that can automatically analyze org complexity and structure, discover and remove technical debt, perform org comparisons, migrate necessary metadata and data, and more. 

Metazoa’s proprietary new toolset is housed within Snapshot, the industry’s leading org management solution. Snapshot provides the technological foundation for automated, consistent, and repeatable service offerings that improve the quality and reduce the cost of any customer service engagement. Each service offering is automated with sophisticated reports and applications that both uncover problems and provide user interfaces to remediate them. These reports and applications are designed for ease of use by system architects, administrators, account managers, and sales engineers. Metazoa offers professional services for Salesforce orgs with complex needs. Customers can use Snapshot to generate reports, receive expert advice, and then remediate the problems themselves.

Metazoa has developed 16 automated and repeatable service offerings that deliver consistent results for any Salesforce customer that needs to improve org health, security, and architecture. These service offerings are detailed below:

  • Inactive User Cleanup
  • User Access Management
  • Permission Set Adoption
  • Folder Sharing Permissions
  • Lightning Experience & Security
  • Underutilized Fields & Picklists
  • Stale Reports & Dashboards
  • Sharing Rule Analysis
  • Picklist Optimization
  • License Expense Management
  • Insider Security Threats
  • Apex Code Quality & Coverage
  • Forgotten Metadata Assets
  • Flow & Workflow Cleanup
  • Objects & Field Documentation
  • Class & Trigger Usage

Created in 2006, Metazoa Snapshot was the first org management solution designed specifically for Salesforce and was one of the first apps offered on the Salesforce AppExchange. Over the years, Metazoa expanded its offerings beyond Snapshot and has grown into the industry’s most comprehensive solution for org management. And for those that require specialized help, Metazoa also offers turn-key services for Salesforce orgs with complex needs. Backed by Metazoa Snapshot, Metazoa’s services is a project-based offering created for enterprise-scale organizations to help with all aspects of Salesforce org clones, splits, merges, and technical debt removal. 

Those interested in learning more about Metazoa’s specialized toolset are invited to attend a free webinar taking place on February 8, 2023, at 10 a.m. PST. To register, simply follow the link HERE. To learn more about Metazoa, visit  

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