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Metaverse Real Estate Startup Metopia Continues Expansion

As a result of the MV Real Estate board of investors authorising the acquisition of 18 new properties over the course of the upcoming quarter, the value of the digital real estate investment company Metopia is expected to grow by more than 20 percent. According to statements made by L. B. Hobbs, President and CEO of Metopia, this infusion marks the beginning of “an intentional and aggressive expansion campaign in order to establish Metopia as a leader in the field of systemized for-profit digital asset ownership.”

The already sizeable portfolio of the metaverse startup will now be expanded to include new digital real estate entities from some of the most well known metaverses, including Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Area and Crypto Voxels. The company has estimated that by the year 2022 the value of assets located inside the metaverse will have grown by a factor of one hundred. In 2021, the Metaverse industry held assets worth a total of $440 million. Those same assets today are worth close to $1 billion.

Additionally, the board of directors of Metopia gave its approval for the company to recently close a capital round that was for 1.63 million dollars. According to Mr. Hobbs, “We do not have any debt on our balance sheet at the present time; but, we choose to leverage up in order to take advantage of the market situation and increase our profitability.”

According to Metopia, thes new virtual properties will be leveraged to increase company growth with multiple methods, including exploiting the plots as advertising assets and renting the space among others. The company has limited influence over the price since Metopia is a mostly decentralised and crypto-based organisation. As a result, pricing is determined by market demand, and Metopia is subject to that demand.

He went on to say that the fact that there are many more virtual worlds on the way in the near future “shouldn’t be disregarded”, as this will “continuously provide opportunities to earn returns in the Metaverse, as it progress from rudimentary interactions in a limited graphical environment to trully immersive and awe inspiring experiences.”

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