Metaverse NFT Collection Launched by Multiple Grammy Nominee Leon “Roccstar” Youngblood 

The New NFT Collection, Roaring Roccstars, Has Just Now Been Released for Sale By Leon “Roccstar” and is Endorsed By a Number of Other Popular Celebrities

New York, NY, December 13th, 2021 – A collection of digital art NFTs has gathered support from a number of well-known celebrities. NFT ownership of the ‘Roaring Roccstar’ collection grants access to exclusive concerts and events in the Metaverse with celebrity attendance. 

Presale starts on December 13th and public mint on December 14th, 2021. Presale registration and minting is currently available on the official website. A Discord ID and Ethereum address are needed for the presale registration. A total of 5,000 NFTs are available for purchase at a price of 0.11 ETH. The project will also be acquiring land in a Metaverse platform like Sandbox or Decentraland. 

A number of high-profile celebrities have lent their support to the collection and associated network. The collection’s owner is Leon ‘Roccstar’ Youngblood, a businessman, producer, songwriter, and rapper. He has produced songs for many A-list celebrities. Other notable celebrities involved with the collection can be found on Twitter.

More celebrities are expected to join the ‘party’ as the platform gains increased traction. 

Concerts will be hosted in the Metaverse with some/all of these celebrities in attendance, and likely with Roccstar as the DJ. This will create a major pull towards NFTs in general as the public will also wish to attend these events, particularly the younger generations who are known to be supportive of these celebrities. Roccstar has been Grammy-nominated on numerous occasions and has also worked with the biggest names in R&B.

Roccstar is also a successful entrepreneur and seems to be combining his business expertise along with his celebrity-like influence to create a new ecosystem synthesizing the best of investment, art, and social networking. He is the President of the ‘Valiant Eagle’ firm which is at the forefront of media and entertainment. He has also created another NFT collection known as ‘Genesis Roaring Roccstars’, which is available on the OpenSea marketplace. 

As for the Roaring Roccstars collection itself, it consists of a number of lion and tiger cubs of the jungle representing budding stars. In this case, the jungle would be the world of creative arts, including music, sport, acting, dancing, singing, etc, and the lions and tigers would be the prominent individuals within it. Each NFT has unique traits based on the work of Carlos Dattoli, a renowned NFT artist who has worked with Marvel and D.C. 

Special events within the Metaverse are expected to have prize pools of $10,000 and the roadmap includes a Metaverse club to host concerts, events and parties, which will both be enticing to potential participants. 

The Roaring Roccstars collection seems well placed to take a prominent position within the newly evolving NFT industry. The celebrity endorsement is sure to capture the attention of today’s youth.

It also boasts metaverse concerts, parties and events, and the experience and expertise of the President of the Valiant Eagle digital media firm: Leon ‘Roccstar’ Youngblood. 

About Roaring Roccstars

Roaring Roccstars is an NFT collection created by Leon Roccstar and designed by the famous Marvel and D.C artist Carlos Dattoli. The collection is celebrity endorsed. As such, each NFT is modeled after a cartoon version of a big cat and represents a budding star in the real world. Owning a Roaring Roccstar allows the holder exclusive rights in the social Metaverse. Special events in the Metaverse include music festivals, contests, poker games, and more. 

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