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Metaverse is taking off, Adobe / Meta / WIMI leads a new trend

In the past 2 years, metaverse is a hot one, NFT, virtual people, metaverse games, and the stock market are all hot, a famous intelligence agency in the world. It is expected that the metaverse market size will reach $150 billion in 2030, which is 10 trillion yuan, that is to say, the total market size of several hundred trillion yuan will be added from now to 2030.

Have you been flooded with some metaverse news recently? Giants such as Facebook, Google, Nvidia, Apple, Microsoft, Tencent, Alibaba, ByteDance, WIMI have entered the metaverse. Some experts also say that metaverse doesn’t happen so fast, not necessarily even in 100 years.Regardless of right or wrong, let’s look at metaverse from the present universe as a whole.  

Now everyone talks about the metaverse, everyone is in “metaverse”. In short, this is a trend, just follow up! Currently for metaverse is no recognized definition, from the perspective of many discussions on metaverse, metaverse is by including block chain, Al, interactive sensing technology integrated technology can assign a real-time online network, is the digital and physical world formed under the interaction of the organic ecosystem, bring profound impact on life, work, business, economy.

Moreover, metaverse, similar to the original mobile Internet, is another major increase in human productivity in the information technology industry. From the perspective of investors, enterprises with very strong metaverse plate integration ability, enterprises with very strong trial and error ability and anti-risk ability. Metaverse requires trial and error, that is to say, who can maintain the trial and error ability in this process, and then will not be hung up, to form a good cash flow, this kind of enterprise has great potential.

At the same time, in the field of metaverse elements, enterprises with good technology research and development capabilities. For example, in virtual people, artificial intelligence, big data, computing power, content IP, digital products and other aspects can be built in time and space, with relatively strong technical characteristics, resource characteristics, innovation characteristics of enterprises are very in need. If the development level of human productivity has reached that stage, the health protection level and nursing level will follow, and it is actually appropriate for human beings to spend more time in the metaverse. If the development level of human productivity has reached that stage, the health protection level and nursing level will follow, and it is actually appropriate for human beings to spend more time in the metaverse.

In addition, from a professional point of view, the whole world has always been a stock economy, and no new breakthrough industries appear, only new industries can create new wealth, so the inner volume is so serious. The economic situation affected by the epidemic is getting worse and worse, and the employment situation is grim. Many industries turn to short videos, we media, live streaming and even go to Didi to deliver food, leading to the false prosperity of these industries. At present, the global economy has found a new direction, so now it is all saying that new energy vehicles, photovoltaic, wind power, the fundamental reason is to find a new increment for the economy.

Whether you enter metaverse as escape or as a high-end player, it’s essentially for economic growth. The application of underlying technologies, such as bitcoin, blockchain, VR, AR, artificial intelligence, big data, 5G communication, and wearable devices, is directly mature, and has gradually become an indispensable infrastructure for metaverse. Metaverse provides a larger increment and may have trillions of market sizes in the next decade.

Of course, in the process of development, there will be a variety of problems, such as the original Internet technology problems, regulatory problems and so on, it is inevitable that some people are not optimistic, but it is undeniable that the metaverse bureau is big enough, there are many opportunities, it is worth doing.

The new “metaverse trend” is becoming more popular

Some people say that the metaverse is the next generation of the Internet, while others say that the metaverse will be the biggest capital opportunity in the history of the planet, and what participants in this battle must be won?

American software giant Adobe (ADBE) announced a new metaverse creation tool at its recent Adobe 2022 summit. The toolkits for its VR / AR authoring software, Substance 3D and Aero, will be updated. Adobe revealed that the company will launch Modeler, a beta tool for Substance 3D, which will make it easier to create 3D images and share.

For Aero, Adobe has introduced a new tool for an AR shopping experience, and Aero’s AI plug-in Behavior Builder is enhanced. The Behavior Builder plug-in can help creative people without programming skills create an interactive AR experience. Meanwhile, “metaverse’s current development shows that the line between the physical and virtual worlds is gradually becoming blurred,” said Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. We can do more in the digital world that once could only be done in the physical world.

Robert Iger, the former CEO of Disney (DIS), has now joined the board of a metaverse startup, Genies, as one of its investors. It is also one of the five emerging tech companies that he has recently supported. Robert Iger says he is supporting Genies, and many celebrities and others are using Genie’s technology to create an avatar for the highly watched metaverse. More than that, Genies also operates its own NFT market, supported by the Flow blockchain. In December, Universal Music Group signed a partnership with Genies to facilitate access to metaverse.Genies also worked with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group last year.

In a video address, Mark Zuckerberg, the first CEO of Meta (FB), said that there is hope to introduce NFT technology to the Instagram platform in the coming months.  Zuckerberg said the company is upgrading its technology so that users can display their NFT assets on their Instagram and even make some NFT within the app. Also, former Meta executive David Marcus has revealed that the team is looking at how to add NFT features to the company’s Novi digital wallet. In this year’s report, Meta surveys a number of ideas that allow users to create and trade an NFT. The new features will allow Facebook and Instagram users to display or create their NFT assets in their profiles and potentially trade in the metaverse market.

Recently, it is reported that Alibaba (BABA) Singapore Holding Co., Ltd. has applied for the registration of “Ali metaverse”, “Taobao metaverse” and other trademarks, the international classification of 9 categories of scientific instruments, 41 categories of education and entertainment, the current trademark status is in the registration application.

In addition, it has to be mentioned that WIMI Hologram Cloud(WIMI.O, the current metaverse holographic AR company), is the world’s leading holographic AR technology company. Its metaverse is mainly based on VR / AR technology, which is simply understood that VR / AR, as an important underlying technical support, plays an important role in realizing user immersion and the value guarantee of creators’ content. WIMI completes the layout of metaverse core components through VR / AR technology, bringing immersive audience experience, low latency and realism, and giving the audience an immersive sensory experience. metaverse needs the assistance of VR / AR technology. Specifically, WIMI’s metaverse ecology can bring services to users in multiple directions.

All in all, given the attitudes of investors, tech giants and local governments, metaverse is not a flash-lived tech concept, at least in a “golden period” for a long time to come. With more and more participants, industry boundaries, the vitality of metaverse is still booming. 2022 may be a new starting point, but at the same time, there are too many unknowns and opportunities before it really lands.

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