Metaverse Gaming Space Falcon Partners With Peech Capital

Metaverse Gaming Space Falcon Partners With Peech Capital

Space Falcon has announced a new strategic collaboration with Peech Capital. Moreover, the Space Falcon is an Intergalactic metaverse-based platform. The platform represents the classic space shooter game with in-built premium sci-fi NFTs. In addition, Peech Capital is an ever-growing multi-strategy crypto investment and advisory firm. 

Peech Capital will help in guiding Space Falcon in terms of marketing efforts and growing the ecosystem. More so, the Space Falcon is really happy to Collaborate with Peech Capital. Through this partnership Space Falcon keeps itself highly motivated in their goal. In order to utilize blockchain technology in disrupting the traditional gaming industry. 

Notably, Space Falcon built on the Solana ecosystem for rapid and low transaction. The platform enables a whole-new experience for player’s space explorations. The platform also made a strategic cooperation with ZBS Capital which is a venture capital firm. In 2017, ZBS Capital started with a booming trend of ICO and it continues till this day. 

Space Falcon Takes Over GameFi Ecosystem

The Space Falcon metaverse consists of two games which span for hundred years with two various perspectives: Classic 1980s-style retro space exploration, and Futuristic 2080-themed intergalactic travel. 

The strategy of the game involves “Falconians” trekking over the cosmos and developing an empire through finishing the in-game levels and also collecting NFTs as well as their cosmic journey. 

In the web-related P2E minigame, users will take part in a set of ten missions which is split into fully different time zones. Thereby, consuming the NFT assets such as liquid gold to travel between two generations. Leaderboard of Falcon is a straightforward presentation of data for rookie players. All-in-all, the Space Falcon game developed on the ecosystem of Solana, which also includes more than 250 services and over 500 DApps. 

Furthermore, Space Falcon will disrupt GameFi and become one of the most prominent participants in the blockchain gaming sector. 

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