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MetaTrader is a Smart Choice for Trading


Opting for the right trading platform for a profitable trading experience. As a trader, everyone knows the right trading platform is an essential key to success. MetaTrader is the most popular and successful trading platform.

In this blog, we will describe how you can perform a profitable trade with Meta Trader 4 via the best cutting-edge expert advisor.

What is MetaTrader

Meta Trader is a world-renowned trading platform developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation. It provides investors and traders access to derivatives, commodities, and stocks in well-known markets, including Forex trading, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs.

It provides a first-rate technological framework for traders and brokers, who can leverage its extensive range of functions, such as an advanced charting package, market analysis algorithms, and several indicator systems. Furthermore, it can be considered a tool of assistance for the financial service industry as it facilitates brokers with everything needed to conduct operations efficiently all over the global market.

MetaQuotes first launched MetaTrader4 in 2005; after five years of MT4 success, the company released Meta Trader 5 in 2010. However, MT5 is faster and more well-organized than MT4. But it’s not the replacement of Meta Trader 4 because it is different and offers more than MT4 does.

MetaTrader 4

Meta Trader 4, commonly known as MT4, is the most popular trading platform used by Forex traders to trade a vast range of assets. It works like a bridge between a trader and the trading market. The MT4 was released in 2005 and provided millions of users with easy access to the financial markets.

However, Meta Trader 4 is specially built for Forex trading, but the platform can also be used for trading in other assets such as stocks, indices, and commodities through CFDs. Both novice and experienced traders acknowledge MT4 because its platform is multi-functional and user-friendly. It also allows users to customize the interface according to their preferences. The MT4 provides advanced trading tools to allow traders to execute their desired strategies.

MetaTrader 5

Meta Trader 5, commonly known as MT5, is the most powerful automatic trading platform to analyze financial markets. This platform is used for analyzing and implementing trades in various financial markets, including Forex, stocks, futures, indices, bonds, metals, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

Meta Trader 5 gives all the mandatory tools for productive trading, such as advanced technical and fundamental analysis, trading signals, algorithmic trading, copy trading last but not least, trading robots.

Difference Between MT4 and MT5

Features MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5
Markets Forex and CFDs Forex,stocks,futures,bonds,and option market
Time Frames 9 21
  1. executions on request
  2. execution by market
  3. Instant execution
  1. executions on request
  2. execution by market
  3. Instant execution
  4. Exchange execution
Orders Sell/purchase stop orders

Sell/purchase limit orders

Sell/purchase stop orders

Sell/purchase limit orders

Sell/purchase stop limit orders

Pending order types 4 6
Funds transfer between accounts Not Available Available
Graphical Objects 31 44
Technical Indicators 30 38
Community Chat Not Supported Supported
Economic Calendars Not Supported Not Supported
Risk Management Hedging Hedging and Netting
Strategy Tester Single-threaded Multi-threaded
Programming Languages MQL4 MQL5
Open trades views Lots only Lots, quantity with milliseconds
Funds transfer between Account Not Supported Supported
Market Watch Fewer details with easy navigation More details with easy navigation
Reports Tables only Tables and charts

Most Powerful Tool for MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the most powerful platform for Forex trading, whileTrendonex is a tool for MT4 to enhance the Forex trading experience. Trendonex for MT4 is the cutting-edge expert advisor built to help traders identify trends, figure out suitable entry points, and help you make trading profits like you have never experienced before.

  • Precise Trend Identity
  • Perfect Entry Points
  • Risk Management
  • Flexible Lot Size
  • Parameter Optimization
  • Supported Time Frames
  • Suggested Fine Tunning
  • Exclusive Insights
  • Real-time updates
  • Support and Guidance
  • Interactive Discussions

Trendonex for MT4 is the best tool to trade in Forex and generate profit without any risk. It also provides you with market insights, tips, and tricks from experienced traders. It informs you about the development of the Forex market, such as events, news, and analysis.

You can get support and guidance from Trendonex community members; no matter if you are a newbie or a Pro trader in this community, there is always something new to learn.


1. Is MetaTrader a broker?

Meta Trader is not a broker; it is a popular trading software for Forex and CFDs.

2. Can I use Meta Trader without a broker?

No, traders cannot able to trade without getting a broker trading account and connecting to the platform according to your choice, MT4 or MT5.

Wrap Up

In this blog, we have introduced the most powerful tool, Trendonex for MetaTrader 4. With the help of this expert advisor tool, you will enjoy hassle-free and risk-free trading. However, MT4 is the best platform to start up in Forex Trading, while Trendonex is the best tool to generate profitable trade.

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