Blockchain and the Changing Landscapes of Influencer Economy

The term “influencer marketing” is a specific kind of social media marketing that makes use of the sponsorships and brand mentions of “influencers,” or people who have a sizable social following and are looked to as authorities in a certain field. The endorsements of celebrity endorsers act as social proof to your brand’s prospective customers because of the high level of trust that they have established with their following.

First of all, Meta player one is merging DAOs and Influencers, in a way that all of them can be treated as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization connected by a custom token holding principle). Secondly, makes them the highest point of decision-making on the web, is that no force is above them when it’s coming to community management and business affairs.

Today, the influencer economy is crucial to the success of many advertising campaigns, from raising brand awareness to inspiring original content based on various companies. More and more companies are getting on board with influencer marketing because of the not-so-newfound ability to give a personal touch to a product or brand in order to connect and engage with a greater mass audience and the convenience that is provided by apps and the internet.

With more individuals producing more content for more audiences for more companies in a more evenly distributed economy, comes the opportunity to develop novel channels for making that traffic more “personal.” And this is when Web3 and Metaverse come in handy. Simply said, it adds depth to the process of content production and niche market product promotion.

Although it is a new method to access the internet, it is already being developed as a stand-alone social world’ and less as a ‘social media,’ which means that its adoption on social media will be far faster than applications like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.

With more and more firms able to interact with their target audience through influencers, the dynamics of influencer marketing will shift significantly. One of the earliest players in this expanding industry, MetaPlayerOne seeks to unite the worlds of Influencer Marketing with the Metaverse.

Influencers and the Future of the Metaverse

Digital creators and influencers have a whole new world of engaging with their audiences and also leveraging their presence in the metaverse to monetize their presence and also develop lasting brand engagements. It’s a sandbox where there are almost no boundaries between influencers and enterprises and where all participants have the opportunity to be game-changers and game-changers-in-chief. 

Even though influencer marketing has been around for some time, many companies and advertising agencies are still playing catch-up. But with the Metaverse and Web3 in the mix, it might explode in popularity and grow into a virtual economy worth billions. 

The question now is not if the Metaverse will arrive; rather, it is whether firms and artists will have a strategy to participate in this new era of the internet of token holders or whether they will stay out of the encrypted self-regulated, automated value distribution system.

How MetaPlayerOne Helps the Influencer Economy

With its unified media meta profile fine-tuned for DAOs, the MetaPlayerOne platform is a decentralized social meta-network. Using a decentralized blockchain network, creates new serverless metaspaces for commercial use. Influencers have the option to create their own unique virtual worlds. They can use these worlds to endorse partnered products, sell their NFTs to fans and do much more.

Creating your metaverse

Metaplayerone engine makes it possible for anybody, regardless of their level of coding expertise, to create their own MetaSpaces and establish their own set of rules and laws to govern those spaces. The influencers have access to a powerful tool that allows them to build a new NFT-based world which is a centralized server independent. MetaPlayerOne provides influencers one click 3D-ready templates. Influencers can mint it and customize these metaverses to suit their style.

Monetize your metaverse

For Influencers, the platform is a great game changer. Influencers and Web3 projects will be able to instantly set up their own community channels and monetize using MetaPlayerOne monetization options.

Influencers can monetize their metaverses or any kind of project in a number of ways, including creating:


Public and Private  Channels

Custom brand tokens

NFT Collections

MetaSpaces / Showrooms

Meta Marketplaces

Channels connection to web3 smart ads distribution system

MetaPlayerOne also hosts an exciting incentive policy for active communities and offers targeted auto monetization for Influencers. The indirect activity of subscribers (DAO members) generates incentive of MEU tokens to Influencers. 30% of the advertising budget goes to the channel owner, 30% gets shared by the community of that channel and the rest will be burned. 

Community members holding the DAO token while being active in the whole Web3 like buying NFTs or spending time in the other games not related to your DAO can also contribute to the Influencers’ or DAO founders’ coverage ratio (the overall turnover of the community wallets multiplied by the number of active wallets). Every 30 days, Influencers receive a MetaUnit incentive equal to its coverage ratio which is reflected in real-time as the MP1 CG Rank.


The community group channels can be super profitable with the opportunity to earn 10X more effectively by utilizing the web3 smart ads distribution system. Channels on MetaPlayerOne are based on the token holding principle. These community channels have full automation with paid-up subscription management. It has essentially everything Influencers need to monetize a community. The tokenomics on the platform have been designed specially for the influencer community. 

I2I – Influencer – to – Influencer or D2D – DAO to DAO 

As the metaverse expands, we witness the birth of a universe without limits or boundaries, one that is ripe with possibility. By developing powerful features and functionalities for the influencers, MetaPlayerOne driven by DAO Metaplayer is creating a win-win scenario for all influencers, participating brands, and the community members with no middleman.







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