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MetaPax and Changing Business


The consequences of the pandemic

The restrictions imposed by pandemics on movement between countries, regions, and even between cities have created serious problems for business. The inability to properly adapt and work in such conditions has faced huge losses even for large and established companies. That is why projects focused on cross-border activities have become a new global trend in modern business realities.

Imagine a technology that allows users to see anything through the eyes of others around the world in real time. A technology that hands the reins of action in the stead of others to remotely interact with the environment from any city around the world. A few years ago, it would have seemed so, but the MetaPax team is gradually turning such a scenario into reality.

What is MetaPax?

MetaPax is a platform that connects people around the world using the internet, data streaming glasses, or other portable devices. The developers have dubbed the project a ‘pseudo metaverse’, as users can wear the special glasses and see the world through the eyes of others remotely in real-time. It is like VR, but in reality, rather than in the virtual world. 

MetaPax is aimed at elevating interaction between people to a new dimension by becoming the first step in the transition to third-generation social networks. The means of communication offered by MetaPax imply the simultaneous user reach and effect from different parts of the world in just a couple of clicks.

How does MetaPax work?

All interactions on the platform take place between streamers (Paxers) and viewers (Beholders) as the two main user roles. In essence, MetaPax is a means of “renting” the Streamer’s time as a service remotely. The real-time means of communication allow the Beholder to interact with the environment by relying on the Streamer’s actions.

Example: A resident of Prague (Czech Republic) takes on the role of a Beholder. The user would like to find someone who is able to “show” a warehouse of interest in the port of Halifax. For this purpose, the Beholder logs into their account on MetaPax and leaves a request to search for a Halifax resident registered on the platform. A participant in the role of a Streamer who can execute an order in Halifax (Canada) accepts the task. The two users agree on the time and conditions of cooperation through the internal communication channels on the platform. At the appointed time, the Streamer puts on the glasses and turns on a personal broadcast for the Beholder. The Beholder then sees and hears everything the Streamer does in real-time. Such an interaction scenario allows the Beholder to evaluate the condition of the equipment or the actual layout of the premises. The customer can literally “touch” any object of interest in resorting to another user’s hands. 

Examples of use

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, live streaming from various attractive locales has grown in popularity. Businesses are thus opening entirely new opportunities for operation. For instance, experts from any industry can now coordinate junior specialists in the repair and maintenance of equipment, acting by proxy. Real estate agents can act as “guides” when showing real estate, leading clients to an apartment or house, regardless of the distance between them. Courier can capture the emotions of recipients of gifts. Alternatively, car rental services can check the conditions of delivered cars through the eyes of the client.

Presentations, business meetings, equipment audits, control of production processes or quality of construction, consultations and training, like hundreds of other scenarios are thus freed from the boundaries and distances that had previously limited them. The development of such technologies is a major step forward for businesses in optimizing various processes in terms of cost reductions and mobility, as well as decision-making.

It is obvious that in-depth exploration of the capabilities of MetaPax can significantly expand the scope of opportunities for its application. Moreover, the system supports automatic translation into different languages, opening platform access to a broader range of users from different countries.


The potential of the technologies developed by MetaPax have been highly evaluated by investors, as evidenced by the project’s closed round of crowdfunding that was concluded within hours. The project team plans to hold an IDO on one of the popular launchpads in the near future to give a larger pool of private and institutional investors to acquire the platform’s native token that will be acting as the main unit of interaction within the MetaPax DAO.As technologies advance and social interactions are migrating largely into the digital environment, the need for broader functionality and application of advanced virtual reality instruments will be reflected in user demand. MetaPax is leading the way in promoting the next generation of virtual interactions. In addition, the platform has its own MTP token. For those wishing to purchase this token, they should leave an application in the community [  ], as well as follow the news of the project.

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