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Metamouse Clubhouse Launches as a Revolutionary Project That Serves a Cause

Metamouse clubhouse has been launched as a revolutionary project that serves a cause. Everybody knows someone suffering from mental health issues and personally wants to contribute in some way to eliminate the problem. While that might seem like a distant dream, with Metamouse Clubhouse, users can still do their bit while enjoying both real-life and virtual benefits.

Metamouse Clubhouse is a project working towards helping people suffering from mental health issues. To achieve that, the platform will donate $10,000 to charities every time they sell 25% of the project. Another $10,000 will be donated when the project sells out, taking the total donations to $50,000. So when users mint a Metamouse Clubhouse NFT, the project is one step closer to releasing the next round of donations.

The Metamouse Clubhouse collection consists of 8527 unique NFTs, stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. The collection is catchy, and given the rise of the NFT market in recent years, the Metamouse Clubhouse collection could be the next big thing. So, mint as many as while the project is still new and the prices relatively low!

Apart from earning through an increase in the value of NFTs, investors will get invites to various exclusive events and parties where there would be several celebrities in attendance. It could be made possible only after the collaboration with Mona Halem, the founder of Lady Luck Ent. Also, since Metamouse Clubhouse is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), investors will have voting rights. They will vote on which charities to send the donations to or proposed changes on the platform. 

Metamouse Clubhouse is a futuristic project, which is evident from the fact that the team has purchased a parcel of land in the metaverse to build a safe space for peer support, group talks, and sessions. Also, it would act as a platform that matches therapists and patients from across the globe to alleviate the sufferings of the latter.

Besides, Metamouse Clubhouse employs the staking protocol to reward users. When an NFT is staked for a day, investors will receive 1 $CHEESE coin, which can be used to purchase Raffles. For every 3 $CHEESE coins, users can get a Raffle. The platform will also be a launchpad for other smaller projects that have what it takes to make it big in the industry but lack proper resources and support.

The team has most recently partnered with to provide holders access to a variety of services to enhance and discover routes for their journey to mindfulness. Holders will be provided access to a wide range of tools, courses, community stories, books, and even tutorials. This partnership is a key indicator of the utility Metamouse hopes to give holders a sneak peek of what’s to come.

One of the amazing features of a member of the clubhouse is the monthly rewards and draws for NFT holders. Metamouse Clubhouse holds a community vote to buy and give away 1 free NFT to a random community member. The most recent giveaway was an Arcade Land NFT valued at 0.75 ETH. This will be a recurring feature of the clubhouse so don’t miss out on phase 2! 

Metamouse is all about the little guys making it in this big world. They understand the challenges of starting, developing, building, and launching an NFT project. There are thousands of extremely talented artists and developers that never get to experience the potential of launching their project because of the lack of connections,  the over-saturation in the market, and the inability to stand out. Metamouse wants to help these communities by helping kick start their project through their own community support, current connections, access to developers, marketing strategy consulting, and seed funding to put them on the right track. As clubhouse members, users will receive exclusive access, giveaways, and NFTs that partner with Metamouse.

Metamouse Clubhouse NFT will be available to mint on July 7th at 6 PM EST / 10 PM UTC as phase two begins. 

To find out more about Metamouse Clubhouse, visit the official website:

Additionally, you can join Phase 2 Ultra Contest to win whitelist slots and NFT airdrops to celebrate minting the second phase: 

Also, follow Metamouse Clubhouse on all available channels to stay updated with the recent developments.




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